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About Us

China's Professional Supplier and Exporter of Solid Wood Doors

Runcheng Chuangzhan Woodworking Co., Ltd. (RCCZ) is one of the largest wooddoor manufacturers in East Asia. We are a progressive company with more than 12 years experience in wooddoor business. We have 4 business departments in China, as well as 8 sales offices respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Heilongjiang and Australia. Our production bases cover a total area about 70,000 sqm with our production volume reaches 300,000 sets and we have more than 2200 employees dedicating for RCCZ best quality products.

RCCZ provides a full range of wooddoor products including Flush Door, Veneer Moulded Door and Solid Wood Door, as well as jambs, window sills. Other than the big volume products supply, RCCZ has accomplished more than 200 renowned projects worldwide. The Imperial Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Olympics Villas, Urumuchi Airport, all of these work won us trustworthy reputation and be rewarded China Renowned Mark and Top 30 Door Brands, the top honour in China Wooddoor industry.

RCCZ has a clear vision of its future as a leading manufacturer in the worldwide wooddoor industry. To achieve this goal, RCCZ promises to deliver the products and service with the best quality. With all the glories and rewards, RCCZ is facing a more competitive market with more challenges. Instead of feeling it as a pressure, it is best to regard it as an opportunity, which will lead us to success.


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