Company History


Guangdong RCCZ Wood Industry Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a large modern enterprise which specializes in design, development and production of decorative products such as interior wooden doors.


The first carpentry workshop, dormitory, canteen and office were completed.


It was the first time RCCZ participated in Beijing Fair and China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair and the exhibition was a complete success.


The second workshop was completed because of the improved productivity.


RCCZ launched its latest product—package doors, such as bedroom door, kitchen door, bathroom door, partition door and so on. The sales of product kept going up with a leap so that RCCZ was praised as the epitome of first mover by the profession.


The specialized paint workshop was improved.


The Bohemian Style prevailed in China and RCCZ took the opportunity to hold a large national exhibition tour of its products.


A new office, new exhibition hall and technical finishing paint workshop were completed.


The first electrostatic spraying equipment in China was put into production.


Chinese Academy of Forestry, Wood Industry Research Institute and RCCZ woodwork manufacturing technology research and development center established.


The exhibition hall was redecorated, covering 500 square meters.


The top coat workshop was upgraded completely so that it realized dust-free and less-pollution operation.


The Italy Oman laminating press was imported to improve the quality of the products.


The automatic roller coater line was put into production; the paint research center was established and the workshop was upgraded completely.


The production process was refined, which means every worker is responsible for his own work. Signing a cooperation agreement with Huagong Jingyi Management Research Center, which helps companies develop themselves, RCCZ announced that it formally stepped into data management. Moreover, RCCZ gradually opened the new market of a complete set of woodwork for home decoration and tended to systematically develop itself so that it had more and more attention and good reviews from the customers.

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