Total Investment: US$ 40 million 



65,000㎡ workshop


>800 employees



300,000 sets doors per year


As a professional wooden door supplier for more than 18 years, we are striving to create a world-class brand of wooden doors.

Our wooden door can be classified into different types based on materials and surface treatment. According to the raw timbers types, the doors mainly include wooden doors, solid wood doors, and solid wood composite doors; and according to surface treatment types, PVC doors, the painted doors, and lacquered doors are included. Other kinds of wooden doors such as white paint door, steel wood armored door are available in RCCZ. Our wooden doors have some common characteristics. First, the wooden doors feature evenly painted surface. The door face has been treated with polishing and high-quality paint by large-scale auto-painting equipment, which gives the door a good fullness, bright, and smooth surface. Second, our wooden doors are safe to use. The raw timbers or logs do not contain any toxic substances such as formaldehyde compared to other artificial woods. Third, crafted, etched, and embossed manually, the wooden doors have an aesthetic and decorative appealing.


Our wooden doors create a high-end look and aesthetics to any houses, and its flexibility makes it easily fit any building decoration styles. The wooden doors are well-chosen in materials, exquisite in workmanship and novel in design. 

The innovative designs allow for a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes. Our designers have abundant expertise in handling rich workmanship & different types of wood. They can create wooden doors in a variety of finish, pattern, polish and color depending on the type of timber used. We also execute the order as per the client's design requirement, which means from wooden doors' frame style, applications, ironmongery options, to the installation types, we are capable of design, manufacture, and supply. We only supply wooden doors that are of high quality, eco-friendly, and safe.


Over the years, RCCZ has won the title of Chinese Wooden Door Association Vice President, Guangdong Wooden Door Association President, Guangdong Top Ten Honorary Brands, Top Ten Brands of Independent Innovation of Intellectual Property Rights, China's Most Influential Enterprise of the Decade Award, Top 500 Enterprises for Quality of China, Top 30 Chinese Wooden Doors for 15 Consecutive Years (2004-2019), etc. These awards are strong evidence of our wooden door manufacturing and supplying competence.

We have introduced the world’s advanced production facilities, including a new generation of Italy curved surface molding laminating press, large-scale dust removal equipment, large-scale electrostatic spraying production facilities, high-speed electronic saw, UV roller coater, etc. These facilities enable us to guarantee the sophisticated workmanship and quality of our wooden doors.


Guangdong Runcheng Chuangzhan Woodworking Co., Ltd.

RCCZ, a subsidiary of Guangdong Xin Runcheng Group, is a leading wooden door manufacturer founded in 2001. With a workshop covering an area of 65,000m² and having over 800 employees, RCCZ is a large modern enterprise specializing in developing, designing, manufacturing, and supplying all kinds of wooden doors.

Since the establishment, RCCZ leads the industrial trends with professionalism. Achieving various industrial certifications, including the ISO 9001 authentication, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, and CTC wooden door product quality certification, RCCZ has got good word of mouth due to quality wood, innovative design, and durability of wooden doors.

Awarded the titles of “Guangdong Famous Trademark”, “Guangdong Top Brand”, and “China Famous Brand”, RCCZ is known as a reliable wooden door manufacturer. Keeping innovating, improving, and cooperating to achieve win-win situation is RCCZ business goal. This objective makes us always focus on the innovation ahead of market trends. We strive to offer innovative products and different kinds of solutions or services around the product to our clients.