10 great accessible holiday cottages

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-22
Palo Alto, the four Pembroke-
Bedroom villa in Newport Beach is a great base for a holiday in Wales.
In a stylish modern interior design, there is an accessible double bed with electric bed, hoist, double door and bathroom wet room-plus an open-
Although the lounge is upstairs, the kitchen and dining room are planned.
With impressive views of the estuary in almost every room, it is possible to drive to the beach side of Parrog. Three details.
The night break cost for 8 people is 710 and 1,054 a week£3,069 (
01348 837871, quality villa. co. uk).
The converted barn is surrounded by five acres of land with a private lake.
At Mobile level 2 (
Suitable for people with limited walking ability)
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