13 best coat hooks

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-29
Let\'s guess, your hallway is flat and your coat and bag is finally thrown at the foot of the stairs or on the railing?
But this is not necessarily the case.
Add some interest and color (
And get some practical storage solutions)to your under-
There is room for design-
Jacket hook led set. 1.
Point of Muto: Starting at 17.
50, very good. co.
These fun solid wood coat hooks from the Scandinavian brand Muuto are perfect for active in dull corridors.
They come in three sizes and nine colors, so you can be creative and design your own combination. Buy now2.
Hook for HAY Volet Coat: two £ 20, Selfridges.
ComHAY\'s Volet hooks are made of folded sheet metal that gives them an industrial feel and also gives them a sense of neatness that fits the mold
Hard minimalist
The hooks are sold in pairs with glittering gold or green, or more sedate silver and black. Buy now3.
Forest hook for Esaila: £ 64 for 4 people, nunido. co.
Great outdoor activities have inspired this interesting transformationash coat hooks.
Like miniature trees or mushrooms, they look like they grow spontaneously from the wall;
Arrange them into a landscape of your own design. Buy now4.
Four people £ 54, Sebastian Berg.
Similar to chess and board games, it is familiar to the people who speak.
Each of the four groups was partially painted gray and partially exposed to the sun to show its natural mountain wool ball finish. Buy now5.
Ambrose Butterfly Wall hook: treatment from the age of 25. co.
Delicate butterflies, these pastel colors
Colored wall hooks from healthy look likely to fly away at any time.
The hook is made of thin metal pieces that you fold yourself, making a small shelf and where the coat is hung. Buy now6.
Elms hangs all hooks: 207, conranshop. co.
The ukThis rack of influential design combinations Charles and Ray Eames has been copied many times, but the originals are still the best and will always be classic.
Originally designed to encourage the kids to hang up their stuff, this cheerful design will light up any corridor and its 14 balls will not let the coat fall offhung. Buy now7.
Isaac Krady Stack Hook: £ 15.
01 three, hum.
ComIsaac Krady\'s explanation of the block and angle of the branches brings a little industrial coolness to your corridor.
The natural bare oak tree keeps it soft and is our favorite, but they also have black and red, which is our bolder statement. Buy now8.
Oscar Diaz melon Bauhaus hukes: £ 36.
Three 10, madindesign. co.
The UkThese playful hook is inspired by the iconic main shape of the Bauhaus art movement, featuring red, yellow and blue painted aluminum.
They look best in white.
Wall, simple home. Buy now9.
Scholten & Baijings horn hook: GBP.
Five people, 70, schoenbuch.
ComIf Bauhaus is a little too colorful for you, and this set includes four hooks in different shades of gray (
50 will be a bit too much)
There is a bright color-choose from red, yellow and blue. Buy now10.
Zara lion hook: 9. 99, zarahome.
These little lion hooks look much more expensive than they are.
Buy three of them and make them Aslan-
Theme cloakrack. Buy now11.
Gorgeous Totty interior design, round colored wall hook trio: £ 7.
Notonthehigh street, 50.
ComWe likes these three bright pastel colors (
If this is not a contradiction)
Wooden hooks add color to your walls.
Each is about 6. 5 cm in diameter. Buy now12.
Norman Copenhagen hook Set 2: 22.
Two 50, occa-home. co.
Ukthosse Scandis knows one or two about cutting fashion, functional design and these tears
The drip hook is a classic example of this type.
There are five colors to choose from, including this coral. Buy now13.
Ikea Bastis hook: 1, Ikea.
Who would think the dog\'s ass looks cool?
At £ 1 for pop music, if you have a small rubber hook for each color, you will still get a change of £ 10. Buy now (in store only)
Conclusion: for something that makes you a little creative and design your own display, Munto\'s point is a great option, and while the elms suspension is a bit expensive, it will never be out of date.
For something more subtle but equally elegant, the bare oak hooks of Isaac Clardy are perfect and of amazing value.
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