19 steps to illustrate the installation of interior wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-10

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Original title: 19 steps to illustrate the installation of interior wooden doors

Indoor wooden door installation tutorial

1. Open the package, check the goods, and find three door sets:

2. The horizontal plate of the door cover is pressed on the two vertical plates, and then the inner diameter of the two vertical plates is determined according to the width of the door. For example, if the door width is 80 cm, the inner diameter of the two vertical plates should be 80.8 cm:

3. After the inner diameter is determined, start fixing with a nail gun, and use a 5 cm steel nail to directly enter with a gun:

4. After the left and right sides are fixed, a cutter can be used to open a through groove at the joint between the horizontal plate and the vertical plate (to facilitate the smooth passage of the line):

5. Please note that the front and back sides of the door cover must be opened through the slot. After opening, the two people should lift it up and put the door cover into the door opening:

6. Then enter the most important door cover correction link, in order to reduce the deformation of the door cover due to wet ups and downs as much as possible, we specially open the expansion port on both sides of the door cover to enhance the flexibility of the door cover. Therefore, the front door cover is curved before installation, and needs to be corrected by the following method, even if the door cover is not bent (any manufacturer's door cover must open the expansion port, which is for the longer-term consideration, so there is no door cover that does not bend).

The entry hole is also calibrated to be fixed and used. First, cut three wooden strips according to the width of the door. For example, the door width is 80 cm, the width of the wooden strip should be 80.8 cm, and the upper, middle and lower points of the door cover are taken. , propp the wooden strips, please note that the ends of the wooden strips should be covered with soft paper to prevent scratching the surface of the door cover during the calibration process:

7. Then find the matching connecting piece, select the side of the door cover, and attach the connecting piece to the upper, middle and lower points respectively. Please note that the connecting piece can be directly fixed to the side of the door cover. The 3.2 cm thick door cover has enough The nail holding force can fully bear the weight, ensuring that the connecting piece tightly connects the door sleeve and the wall, even without styrofoam bonding:

8. Please note that the outer door sleeve part should be fixed first. You can use 3.8 cm steel nail to fix the other end of the connecting piece to the wall. When fixing, fix the connecting piece to the wall obliquely, so that the line is installed. , can ensure that the connecting piece is not exposed, both firm and beautiful:

9. Then start to fix the inner door sleeve part. Before fixing, the support wood strip can be temporarily removed to facilitate the door panel to enter and exit. After the door is installed, support it again. Install the hinge on the door panel first, then pad the bottom of the door panel. A small plate of millimeters that temporarily secures the door panel to the door cover:

10. After the door panel is fixed, the small wooden board of the bottom pad can be removed, try to close, adjust the gap between the left and right sides of the door, and adjust the gap as needed. The gap between the left and right sides of the door is as follows, basically a Straight line, about 3 to 4 mm wide, and then securely attach the connecting piece to the door cover and wall:

11. Due to the large error of the wall caused by the construction party, there will be a large gap between the departmental department and the wall. This is normal and necessary. If there is no gap, the door can not be adjusted, or even put in the door. Holes, when there is a large gap, can be fixed locally with a raft and sawn with a knife saw to be level with the wall:

12. Start installing the outer decorative lines, first align the lines:

13. Determine the style you like, the bevel and the right angle. The two effects can be freely selected, telling the worker which effect you like, and the worker can finish it. We will focus on the installation method of the right angle effect. The general line is 2 cm higher. Good, so first determine the size of the exposed part and use the tool to make the cut:

14. Lines into the slot, upgraded style configuration, socket type door cover, because it is plug and play, no sticking, no nails, simplifying many installation links, especially humanized design, unique upward compatibility, can be two Disassembly and assembly for secondary use. To avoid damage to the lines when entering the trough, place a soft piece of paper on it, use a hammer to gently pry it in from the roots, first install the two sides, then install the middle:

15. Start installing the door bar, first cut the door bar to a 45 degree bevel:

16. Close the door to the proper position, first nail the horizontal part of the door stop, and then nail the vertical part. The unique door stop strip has its own sealing strip, which is both shockproof and silenced:

17. Apply the glue on the buckle line on the door bar, and then dry it in the groove above the entry bar. Please note that this is the only place where the glue is used during the whole installation process. The excellent environmental performance is undoubted, and the nail hole is perfectly covered. Doors, door covers, door stop strips are natural, three-in-one, environmental protection and beauty coexist:

18. Start installing the lock. Please note that measuring 95 cm from the bottom of the door is the center of the lock. Both sides can be:

19. Install the door stopper to prevent the collision of the wall:

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