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3 mistakes in buying wooden doors!

3 mistakes in buying wooden doors!


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What kind of wooden door can't be bought?

The first is a pie-shaped wooden door in the sky: the price of the wooden door is relatively low, don't buy it if it is solid wood.

Do n’t say anything else, do n’t buy a door that is far from the actual normal price. Why think about it, there must be a problem. The purpose of the merchants is to make a profit. It ’s cheaper. What do they eat and drink? Obviously deceiving!

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The second is to process rough wooden doors: do not buy wooden doors made of wood-based panels without all the edge treatment

All wood door parts made of wood-based panels have very strict restrictions on edge banding, especially particleboard for wood doors should require all edge banding, which can limit the release of harmful substances in wood-based panels, but many manufacturers currently use Only do partial edge banding, such a wooden door is best not to buy.

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Do n’t buy the third kind of wooden doors: do n’t buy wooden doors with strong taste and odor

The smell of the wooden door is so irritating that it makes people cry. This situation shows that the aldehyde content of this wooden door is severely exceeded and it is safe. There are more than 40% of patients with leukemia cancer who are closely related to indoor decoration pollution. Be sure to buy environmentally friendly wooden doors to ensure family health.

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Common mistakes in buying wooden doors

Myth # 1: Pure solid wood is the best

The popularity of pure solid wood doors is mainly to cater to people's psychological return to nature, health and environmental protection. But the main drawback is that the change in water content makes it easy to deform, and needs careful care. Strong direct sunlight and frequent switching of the air conditioner cause the humidity in each room to change too much, which affects the solid wood doors. There is also a relatively high price of pure solid wood, if you do not like it very much, you can not use it.

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Myth two: Ignore wooden door hardware

The most important hardware accessory in the wooden door is the hinge. Some invisible hinges on the market install the hinge inside the door leaf. The surface appearance is indeed good, but this design makes the hinge undetectable when the hinge breaks, which is easy to cause the door panel to fall Wait for danger. When choosing a hinge, be sure to recognize big stores, brands, and materials. Do not buy Sanwu hardware products.

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Myth three: Odorless is environmentally friendly

Some consumers will judge whether the wooden door paint is environmentally friendly by smelling it. It is wrong to think that the wooden door paint with low odor is environmentally friendly. However, the most environmentally friendly and professional way to judge wooden door paint is to see if the environmental protection indicators meet the standards.

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