4 pros and cons of double-stacked kitchen cabinets

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-28
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The stacked kitchen cabinet is not one-trick pony.
They can increase your storage space, open the door for a dazzling display, or give your space a full look.
However, they are not suitable for each kitchen.
They are extra cost and are not always easy to get.
If the appearance of the stacked cabinets caught your attention, a quick breakdown of the pros and cons would better inform your purchase decision.
Cabinet 101: how to work with cabinet designer and cabinet maker Pro: they give you extra storage space.
There may be a few inches to a few feet of empty space between the upper and the ceiling.
Double if you want extra storage and have at least 1 feet space available
Folding cabinets can be provided.
They are practical places to store seasonal cookers or appliances that don\'t use too much.
There is no doubt that those who have collected a large number of cookware will double
Good to use.
Con: It\'s not easy to get extra storage, it\'s never a bad thing, right? Not exactly.
Double height-
Stacked cabinets make it more difficult for homeowners to access the items they store inside.
You may need a footrest or have to stand on your countertop to get in touch with your cookware or decorative items.
Safety issues aside, homeowners will find this inconvenient and may not use storage in double-
Stacked cabinets.
As a result, the increased storage space becomes inefficient, and the plates, pots, pans pots collect dust because of the inconvenience.
Pro: they can create the best display space, can you show your favorite things elsewhere?
Maybe, but stuff them in.
Stacked cabinets with glass door front are a less traditional way of showing compared to open shelves or counter space.
These spaces can show the original silver plates or introduce some colorful decorations in your kitchen.
Math is simple: more cabinets equals more costs.
If you choose double
Stacked cabinets with glass door front are expected to be more expensive.
Because the cabinets are expensive though (
For a small and medium-sized enterprise, they usually cost at least $5,000. size kitchen), double-
Stacked cabinets do not always fit the budget.
If you do not need storage space or do not want to display space, do not use them to reduce the cost of new cabinets.
Pro: they can enhance your lighting cabinets with glass door front, which provides an opportunity for interior cabinet lighting.
This creates a spotlight effect for any decoration or cutlery you store in it, which can complement other sources of kitchen lighting such as pendants and embedded lighting.
The result is a bright cooking space.
Cons: They need more upgrades and more cabinets are equal to more dust and polished surfaces.
The front of the glass door definitely needs more maintenance.
Not only do you have to wipe the glass, but you also have to keep the interior space clean and organized.
Throw in fact, double
Stacked cabinets are hard to reach and homeowners cut jobs for them when cleaning work starts.
Use these organization tools to keep the kitchen drawers clean: they provide a complete LookIt that can cost less, but there is a gap between the upper and the ceiling that breaks the flow of cabinet design.
Although installing higher upper cabinets is a quick solution, double
Stacked cabinets can also form a cohesive, finished appearance.
The extra row of cabinets adds a continuity to your kitchen space, resulting in a more seamless design.
Con: whether you believe it or not, they will make your kitchen feel cramp and there may be too many cabinets. While double-
Stacked cabinets can provide a more perfect sense of beauty, and can also surround the kitchen space.
In the smaller kitchen, even in front of the glass door, it will make the room feel cramped and the cabinet with dark paint and stains will make the room look unattractive.
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