5 hurt in gunfire at high school near san diego; student is held

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For the second time in three weeks, a teenage gunman opened fire at a high school in the suburbs of San Diego. on Thursday, a police officer on campus shot and killed the gunman, the attack quickly ended.
The police identified the suspect as Jason Hoffman, 18, a student at a granite Hill High, described as a good student and a needy person with emotional problems.
He was shot in his face and hip.
No harm to him or anyone else is essential.
Not long before 1 pennym.
Authorities say Hoffman drove a pickup truck on East Madison Avenue and stopped outside the school\'s executive office.
Then they said that he was kneeling in a shooting position and shooting from the street with the army --
Mosberg pump styleaction 12-
Measure shotguns, spray buildings, break windows, create chaos in the fifth city
Course for the entire 60-periodacre campus.
Four people were injured when they were hit by glass debris or rushed out of the building.
Chris Weston, a sophomore at Granite Hill, said: \"A bullet roared through my head in a few inches . \".
The students screamed, the teachers gave orders loudly, and everyone was waiting for the police under the table.
They don\'t have to wait too long.
The gunman was stopped in the middle.
He was crazy even before he used the second weapon. 22-Caliber pistol.
Police agent Rich Agundez Jr.
Recently, a former special police officer was assigned full-time to the school to work on \"an old-
Liz Purcell, a spokeswoman for the San Diego County district attorney\'s office, said: \"There was an old-fashioned gun battle with Hoffman . \".
\"The child fired. The [officer]heard him.
He\'s around the corner.
\"So he fought back,\" purlins said . \".
Witnesses say Hoffman fired at least eight bullets from his shotgun and reloaded at least once.
Agondez was not injured.
Hoffman was not arrested but was detained by police at Sharp Memorial Hospital, where he received 5-hour surgery.
Investigators say they may seek charges of attempted murder and assault with lethal weapons.
Prosecutors say the charges will depend on motivation. -
Probably wait until investigators interview the suspect.
Hoffman had been prescribed after surgery and was unable to speak.
The guns were shipped from Hoffman\'s house, police said.
The injured included Grand Hughes, a junior;
Toby Hast, 15
William dizler
Carina Scribellito, 17
Andrew \"Sonny\" Afuso, 15;
Teacher Priscilla Murphy, 53
Fran zumwater, 47
The shooting took place about six miles from Santee. On March 5, two students were killed and 13 injured in Santee. A 15-year-
The old freshman was accused of shooting at the crowded Santana High School courtyard.
Dianne Jacob, head of San Diego County, said: \"It is incredible that in places so close to Santana High School, there may be another school shooting incident in such a short period of time.
\"This is incredible.
This makes my stomach uncomfortable.
\"A few weeks after investigating the Santana tragedy, Jacob came to a high school campus again to try to understand the confusion.
\"If there is a simple answer, we will have the answer now,\" said Jacob, a former teacher . \".
\"The truth is that there is no simple answer.
\"There is no known shooting motive, and there is no immediate information available to indicate that the second attack was affected by the first attack.
\"Whenever there are violent incidents, especially those that have received a lot of publicity and attention, there is a clear risk of imitating threats and actually imitating events,\" said David faisler ,\". A child and adolescent psychiatrist in Burlington, New Jersey, USA
\"There are always some children who are really nervous.
\"The other students did not describe Hoffman as an edge.
18-year-old Robert Stevens, a senior, described him as a \"ho head\", \"keep silent\" and occasionally get into trouble because of an altercation
Some recall that it seemed a strange overreaction to bad test scores, or a boy who deliberately walked on the road rather than on the sidewalk.
But the events hardly foreshadowed Thursday\'s attacks.
Former neighbors Kelly and Dennis Baker said it was clear that Hoffman\'s family life was in trouble.
The tall young man would spend hours walking nearby in order to escape his house. -
Dennis Baker said, especially during a family row.
He doesn\'t seem to have any friends.
Instead, he hung out in the garage with Navy instructor Baker and asked him questions.
Baker said Hoffman was fascinated by how remote-controlled cars, ships, and engines work. -and guns.
Hoffman often reads gun magazines and asks Baker about guns.
\"He does like his gun,\" Kelly Baker said . \".
The couple, who first met Hoffman about eight years ago, said they had never seen any indication that he would explode one day.
He was depressed, but he was in control and never got angry publicly.
\"He\'s a good boy,\" said Dennis Baker . \".
\"I never thought this would happen.
My classmates said Hoffman was tall.
A perfectionist.
Steven Shapley, a sophomore at Granite Mountain University, recalled that Hoffman scored 25 out of 30 in the economics exam last semester, exploding in the curse.
Hoffman put his binder in order and put his T-shirts.
James Davis, police chief at El Cajon, believes Agundez\'s quick action has prevented more serious injuries.
\"We thank God that no one has been killed,\" Davis said . \".
\"Agent Richard agondez is really a hero. \"Agundez, a 19-
He was in the school administration building when he heard gunfire.
He looked out of the double glass door and saw the gunman.
Police captain said agondes shot and rushed out of the building when the suspect \"fell down because of an injury.
William McGregor
Angela Pearl, deputy to the San Diego County sheriff, happened to have an unrelated investigation at school.
When agondes approached and handcuffed, she covered him.
When Jennifer Speidel, 17, was in government class, another student ran in and said someone was shooting with a gun.
When the students flopped at the floor, speld was so scared that he froze.
Then she looked at Hoffman\'s face.
She said he cocked his shotgun and looked at her directly, then turned and shot at the administrative building opposite.
\"He has no expression at all;
\"He looks very hard to concentrate,\" she said . \".
Within 15 minutes, a special police force was sorting out the buildings on the Granite Hill campus, where students were searched and escorted to nearby parks and secondary schools.
Joe Torres, principal of Granite Hill, said the school has been working with El Cajon police and Agundez to revise its crisis plan.
The new plan will take effect on Thursday, she said.
\"The effect is good,\" Torres said . \"
After the shooting, the school was locked and will be closed today.
The appeal for emergency assistance has also attracted news media and parents.
\"It\'s confusing,\" said Deputy Dave DiCarlo . \".
\"There are parents from all sides trying to figure out what happened to their children.
Deputy Sheriff Matt Ellis tried to stop a young woman from passing through a police roadblock.
\"She said she didn\'t care if she was shot,\" Ellis said . \".
\"She needs to figure out what happened to her brother or sister \".
Ninth Mike winhard
He was in physical education class when he heard the gunshots.
\"I saw a child running.
He has blood on his face and shirt . \"
\"Then they brought us into the wrestling room and the SWAT came in and asked if we had any weapons or other items.
\"The girls are scared.
We tried to calm them down . \"
\"It\'s terrible.
\"The students of the two PE classes marched outside and covered their heads with both hands until they reached the parking lot where they were told they could put their hands down.
In East San Diego County, the horror echo of the Santee shooting left many people numb.
On Thursday, the monument to the two dead students was still in front of Santana High School, but the flowers were dead, the stuffed animals were worn out and dirty.
The balloon was deflated, and the candle had already burned.
The two high schools are located in the same area, but the number of students varies.
El Cajon is almost twice as good as Santee, and is more in line with the image of a leafy resort in the suburbs.
This is the place for Santee head when the kids want to go to town.
Houses in the high school area are much larger than Santee\'s;
Many people have swimming pools. Gov.
When told about the shooting, Gray Davis appeared with Mexican President Vicente Fox at an event in Los Angeles.
\"We have to hear the children being wary of alienation or loneliness and being able to pull them aside and make them feel part of the community so that these terrible events don\'t continue to happen,\" he said.
The mother of Brian Zac, one of the two students killed at Santana High School, said she was shocked to hear the latest school shootings, which \"brought more painful memories.
\"It\'s terrible, it has to stop,\" said Michelle Zac at Santee\'s house . \".
\"That\'s too much.
I\'m just sorry.
Zuckor said a friend called her and told her about the high shooting of the Granite Mountain.
She felt sick when she turned on the TV news.
\"I hope no one understands, understand . \"
\"Is anyone dead?
\"Zuckor was silent for a few seconds on the phone because she was told that no one seemed to die from the El Cajon shooting.
\"It\'s too bad for a child to be able to go home because of being shot at school,\" says Zuckor, who hasn\'t returned to her cashier job since her son was killed.
\"A child should go home from school.
This is something that parents don\'t need.
When Zuckor talked about her son Brian, her voice became bright.
She said for a while, as if he was still by her side.
\"Brian is just a very cute boy and wants people to laugh,\" the mother said . \".
\"Brian won\'t speak ill of anyone.
He\'s a very obedient child.
But her voice became quiet.
\"It\'s terrible because I really miss him,\" she said. \"Every day is trying to get every day past.
I will never see him again.
He won\'t go home.
The Times\'s staff writers Martha Groves, Michael crickrien, the Duke of helfford, Scott Gold, Noki Schwartz, and Terry McDermott
The response of 28 victims, experts say, is: Reflection on school shootings by teachers, students and their families, A29 (
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The shooting scene was taken in the Granite Mountain high of El Cajon. the shooting time was before 1: 00 in the evening. m.
About five minutes later, the police seized the suspect.
The following is the on-site situation: * suspicious Park trucks in the bus drop-off area.
* The suspect opened fire on the window of the Executive Building.
Security officials inside exchanged fire with suspects.
* The police officer chased the suspect to the street and the second officer was with him.
The chief officer grabbed the suspect and handcuffed him.
* Source: Staff Report;
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