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6 shocking inside stories for buying wooden doors!

6 shocking inside stories for buying wooden doors!


Wooden doors, ecological doors, solid wood doors... There are many kinds of wooden doors. For the novice Xiaobai, the choice is really confusing. If you encounter unscrupulous businesses, you can only be pitted in vain.


The water in the wooden door industry is very deep. The following editors will talk to you about some major mistakes in selecting wooden doors!!

Myth 1: Buy a solid wood door

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Compared with Chinese, those who prefer solid wood feel that solid wood is healthy, environmentally friendly, and durable, so when choosing a door, they also prefer solid wood doors.


But everyone ignores the natural properties of wood. The stability of solid wood doors is not strong, and it is more affected by the climate environment such as temperature and humidity. It is more prone to door body deformation, fissures at the joint 

and cracks on the surface than other types of doors.

In fact, the performance of solid wood composite doors with good environmental performance is not worse than that of solid wood doors, and even the stability will be better than solid wood doors, and the price is more popular than solid wood doors.

Therefore, buying a door does not necessarily have to buy a solid wood door, you can consider it comprehensively!

Misunderstanding 2: The heavier the door is the solid wood door

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Many people think that judging whether the solid wood door can pass the weight, the heavier the solid wood door. In fact, it is impossible to judge the inner product from the weight alone.

The weight of the particle board is sometimes heavier than that of the solid wood board. Although the raw material for the particleboard is made of broken wood scraps, a lot of adhesives is applied during the production process. After curing, the adhesive accounts for a considerable proportion of the board, resulting in Its weight is not light.


In addition, due to the difference in the size and thickness of the door leaf and the filler of the door core, it is also the reason for the different weight of the wooden door.


Therefore, specific weight is not the most reasonable basis for judgment.

Misunderstanding 3: only focus on the door leaf, not the door cover

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The door cover is commonly known as the door frame. It bears the weight of the entire custom wooden door and can echo the overall decoration style.


The door cover must eat nails, it has strong nail holding power so that the door leaf is not easy to fall off. Because the door cover is directly in contact with the ground, if the material is not selected properly, the door leaf will sink and drag 

the floor during use, causing cracking problems.

In general, many after-sales problems of wooden doors are caused by door covers. There are three types of solid wood multilayer door cover, MDF door cover and solid wood door cover on the market.

The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the MDF door cover and the nail-holding force are relatively poor, which is easy to cause the wooden door to sink and scratch. The solid wood door cover is usually toothed wood, and the screw is easy to form a split.


Therefore, the best choice for solid wood composite doors is the standard solid wood multi-layer door cover, which can guarantee the service life of the wooden door.

Myth #4: Never allow color difference

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Good wooden door, uniform color, no color difference? This statement is not accurate. The problem of chromatic aberration cannot be completely avoided.


As a person in the industry to explain to you, for example, the same color of paint-free doors may be different due to different factory batches of cladding materials, resulting in different colors, there may be the colors consumers see in the 

store and installed at home Is slightly different.


This is especially true of the paint doors covered with solid wood skin. The parts of the solid wood veneer are different, the age of the wood is different, and the color of the cut patterns is not the same. The same is black walnut, some may be darker 

in color, and maybe lighter. This is due to the natural properties of the wood, so customers can not excessively pursue the wooden door without color difference.

Myth #5: Shop around, choose cheaper

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Wooden doors are not the same as other commodities. Consumers can only see the surface of the door, and its internal quality cannot be judged. Even if it is an expert, it is sometimes difficult to judge the inner part of the wooden door only by observing the appearance.


As the saying goes you pay for, 1 000 buy a genuine solid wood door, the door may look cheap not much difference with the solid wood door, but inside the material is certainly not the same.


Although the wooden door filled with foam and honeycomb paper is cheap, the quality and environmental protection of the door can also be imagined.


Therefore, the editor advises everyone not to buy wooden doors that are too cheap.

Misunderstanding 6: If there is a crack in the wooden door, the request for return

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Consumers generally find that a wooden door is cracked and doesn’t want to immediately find a store. “Your door has a problem!” Lose money, lose money, lose money, and ask for compensation for various complaints!


In fact, it is normal for the wooden door to have small cracks. Because wood has the characteristics of shrinkage and expansion, which is a natural defect of wood, the current technical methods can only reduce the occurrence of cracks as much as 

possible, but it is impossible to eradicate them completely.


It is recommended to repair the main problem of wooden door products.


If the crack of the wooden door is not very large, it can be repaired by repairing the paint. However, if the cracking is severe and the cracking is repeated after repeated repairs, the customer can request the store to return or exchange the goods.


The above editors have listed 6 major misunderstandings when buying wooden doors. It is recommended that all friends who intend to buy doors take a closer look~

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