9 easy, diy halloween door decorations for this month

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-19
Enter the Halloween spirit right at your front door! These nine do-it-
Your own project is simple enough to be done by the child with the help of an adult and simple to useto-find supplies.
Susan Spencer, editor-in-chief of Women\'s Day magazine, said: \"The door of your home is basically the entrance to Halloween . \".
\"It shows your creativity. (the projects)
It really has to be simple and fun so they can do it together as a family.
Camille Smith, head editor of HGTV, said: \"Just keep the fun and weirdness of Halloween decorations, not really scary or bloody.
\"You want it to be a family --
\"Very friendly,\" she said.
\"There\'s nothing worse than getting a toddler scared.
New use of popular symbols
Pumpkin Patch: turn the front door into a huge welcome pumpkin.
Cut off the orange wrapping paper and stick it on the front door.
Large Cut Jacko\'-
Lantern features made of glittering golden packaging or other paper and attach them to orange papersided tape.
To highlight the door and place pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors on the porch or porch, Spencer said, he also suggested sparkling. —
Cat\'s Eyes: convert a bunch of orange lights into black cats and call them around the front door or window.
Download templates from home entertainment magazine (familyfunmag. com/printables)
Track the cat.
The head shape on the black card (
Mark where the eyes are).
Cut off a few heads and hit your eyes with a punch.
Insert a light bulb in a string of lights into the hole.
Laminated products in black
Depending on the weather, cats will cut off or hang the lights indoors so they can be seen from the outside. —
Skeleton bone: take apart several large plastic skeletons and \"frame\" the front door with bones. Use double-
Connect them or connect them together like a wreath.
Add a string of lights or orange-and-
Smith of HGTV said the black ribbon.
All eyes are on you
\"Glad to eat you\": this door with teeth is simple but effective.
From a piece of white craft foam, cut a row of teeth that fit the length of the top of the door.
Cut two big eyes from the yellow craft foam and cut the pupil from the black craft foam.
Nail the pupil to the eye.
Removable staple food
The foam is mounted on the back of each shape (
FamilyFun uses two squares for each eye and three squares near the top of the teeth).
Attach the eyes directly above the door and set the teeth so they can be hung from inside the frame or directly to the door. —
Eyes everywhere: cut off the pupil from the black felt and attach to the white foamspheres (
Available in arts and crafts stores and online).
According to the craft of this Women\'s Day, the sphere is glued to the front door using removable tape.
Make smaller \"eyes\", stick them on the skewers and stick them to the potted plants around the door. —
Terrible wreath: FamilyFun said this wreath \"will pay attention to it (or 10)on your kids.
\"Cut the flat center from a plain white paper tray.
Paint the remaining outer sheet of the board and dry it.
Cut 8 to 10 teeth from an abandoned central block;
Glue the teeth from the inside top of the ring to the center of the opening.
Big, small white pom glue-poms (Or cotton balls)
On the plate, then stick a black paper circle for the primary school students on each pompom.
Cut out two yellow paper corners on the \"head\" of the plate and apply glue. —Googly-
Wreath: Hot
Cover a white foam wreath with a glue gun and make the wreath completely covered. (
Smith of HGTV said it needs 2 or 3 bags of table tennis to buy it online or in a sports store. )
Attach a small or large Google eye to each white ball.
Attach a wreath to the front door with a metal or plastic hanger (
Instead of wrapping it with a ribbon)
Keep the wreath intact.
\"If you put it flat (
So there is no dent in the ball)
\"It\'s never been bad,\" Smith said . \"
Garlands performing dual duties-
Halloween clay pot wreath: Christine Ferrare United
Host of \"family and family\" on Holmark channel, decorated with a linenand-moss-
Before adding Halloween items that tell us, garlands covered with small flower pots full of artificial fleshy plants: skulls, spiders and sparkling black branches.
Supplies can be found in crafts and online stores, and any wreath that can hold weight can work.
When Halloween is over, take away the creepy stuff and you\'ll get a beautiful wreath for Thanksgiving.
In spring, artificial plants may be replaced by live meat plants. —
Wreaths: this wreaths are covered with small dried seed pods called wreaths, similar to small pumpkins.
They are sold online and in craft shops.
Smith hung her wreath with a wide linen ribbon, a rustic style that easily transitioned to Thanksgiving.
The dried pods are delicate but do not deteriorate, so this wreath may be displayed for years if carefully stored, Smith said. ___Online:www. hgtv.
Www. com/halloweenparents. com/familyfun-magazinewww. womansday. comwww.
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