a dark and lonely road ahead for american christians: guest column

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-12
In the past few decades, attacks on Christian and Christian beliefs have increased in intensity and events.
Print and electronic media carry counter-checks almost every day
Christian story or editorial
I watched a TV show about religion in 2013. -
Guest, left-
Wing political activist and a gay man made a statement, \"it would be very good if we could get all haters and Christians out of the country forever.
\"The host did not challenge him or try to get him to explain his words.
It is clear that radical gays and far-left activists in the country would like to force Christians to fear worship and make them afraid to take advantage of their First Amendment rights.
When I was in the air force, I watched a documentary about how Christians were seen and treated behind the Iron scenes of the old Soviet Union long before the end of the Cold War.
Here is a scene in the documentary: \"A lonely dark character walks fast on a dark street, and his shoulders bend in the cold wind of January.
The cold rain poured on his exposed face, and he trembled as he turned one corner to another dark and desolate street.
The lonely street lamp laughed at the darkness and cast a terrible shadow as he passed.
The man caught something under his shabby, worn-out coat that was very precious to him, and it was evident from his tight grasp.
Before walking down the stairs behind a dull gray building, the man nervously looked up and down the rain-soaked streets.
He quietly knocked on an old wooden door at the bottom of the stairs. -
The door opened slowly with no sound.
The man quickly entered the door, and the door closed as quietly as it was opened.
In a monotonous, dim, damp room, sitting a few rather inconspicuous characters, they quietly stood up from their seats and approached the person who had just entered the room.
They all seemed to ask in unison, \"Do you understand ? \".
The man hesitated for a few seconds and then took out a package from under his coat.
The package was wrapped with a waterproof cover, and it took the person a few minutes to remove the outer package.
\"Yes, I do,\" replied the man with a shabby book.
The people in the room gave a deep cheer.
The man took off his wet coat and one of the ladies picked it up and hung it on the hook on the wall.
Then the man went to the front of the room and stood behind a wooden podium.
A single light bulb hung on the ceiling above a person\'s head and threw a yellow light into the room.
Others in the room silently moved forward and sat on it with wooden cases and broken chairs.
They all know that if the government finds them, they are bound to be imprisoned or even killed.
The man put the book on the shelf and opened it with a clever finger.
\"We will discuss where the Molokai brothers left last week and let\'s pray for him because we all know he was imprisoned last week for receiving Christian literature at home,\" the man said . \".
Then the man bowed his head and began to read: \"In Rome, we see where God has left them (the wicket)
Do anything shameful they want in their hearts
As a result, they did mean and degrading things to each other\'s bodies.
They exchanged the truth about God for lies.
So they worship what God has created, not the creator himself.
That is why God has left them in their shameful desires.
Even women are opposed to the natural way of having sex, but are addicted to having sex with each other.
These men do not have normal sexual relations with women, but burn because of each other\'s desires.
Men and other men do shameful things.
While this is a documentary in the early 1980 s, today the country has signs and growls of radical gays who want American Christians to walk down the dark streets soaked in rain and hide the Bible under their coats, find a secret gathering place for fear of being imprisoned or even dying
Those who hate God and Christians have already started the process.
Indiana, Arkansas and many other places are obvious.
It is better for Christians to learn to organize and fight back, or they will hide in a country that is supposed to be free.
It\'s not just an opinion, it\'s a warning.
Jimmy Hollis, a retired AmericanS.
Air Force sergeant and US Air ForceS.
Air Force historian, a resident of Milville, writes about topics of current interest.
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