a dream come true

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-13
Yasin Ehliz has a lot of thinking about long flights from Germany.
Like young Clark Griswald, what to do in the throes of family vacations --
Planning, possibilities seem endless.
\"I\'m so excited that I can\'t sleep,\" Ehliz said with a smile . \".
\"I can\'t wait to go to Calgary.
\"Flame prospects arrived at rookie training camp earlier this week, after a nap on the plane --
Behind from his turnthe-
On the clock trip, he quickly went to the Saddle peak and was immersed in the moment of his dream.
But first, he had to take a selfie.
\"This is not true,\" Ehliz said of his first visit to the dome.
\"I have only seen photos before.
\"It\'s great to see it from inside, how big it is and to be able to skate on ice for the first time.
Ehliz, who signed a contract. year, two-
The contract of June, attended his first NHL rookie training camp, was very excited about the opportunity.
Lively personality and millions
Dollar Smile says everything.
\"I can go and visit the Summer [earlier this year [development]
But it\'s different, \"he said.
\"I want to soak it all in.
I work here to show what I can do, but so many years have passed and really enjoyed it if I didn\'t spend a second . . . . . . \" Looking around, he smiled as soon as he saw the double doors that marked the entrance to the flame locker room.
\"It will be very interesting,\" he said . \".
Ehliz is a superstar in Germany, and for the past eight years, he has played with his hometown, Nomberg, in the hockey team of the German Football League, in the last four world championships, he has always been a member of the German national team.
He also did a great job of getting in touch with fans on Instagram, where he has nearly 17,000 followers.
But it\'s nothing like his winter experience, helping Germany win a surprising silver medal at 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.
Ehliz has two helpers on gold.
Medals, but just a few days after beating Canada in an exciting semi-final, it\'s not enough to help his country win the Championship\'s top prize.
\"Everyone in Germany is crazy,\" Ehliz said . \".
\"Everyone is talking about us.
\"There is still no football. 1 back home.
It is huge and nothing will surpass it. But the (energy)
It was incredible when we came back.
\"We are like heroes.
\"With all the fanfare, he has half a season left with his club at Newberg\'s home.
His stomach was on fire as before. The smooth-skating, 5-foot-9, 165-
The pound striker ranked fifth in the team\'s score and counted 10 goals and 41 points in 46 regular goals
The season before 6 points.
Five of them.
In 12 playoff games, in a team composed of former Olympic star Steven leinpusit and Calgary himen star Brandon Segal in early 2000.
\"I feel like I have completed a strong year of growth,\" Ehliz said . \".
\"Confidence is huge when you become a goal --
I have a breakup.
\"He had an offensive impact on the world in five games, scored three times, and set up two other games in seven games.
That was when his agent told him that the fire had given him the first NHL contract.
When he picked up the phone, Ehliz almost hit the roof.
\"I thought, \'Oh my God, really!
This is an incredible feeling. \"I\'m lucky.
\"I really appreciate it.
It was a great year for me and I think I won it.
\"There is no doubt about this.
According to his training camp, Ehliz can start the season at the Stockton Heat, but now he is enjoying the experience under the \"dome, and hope to impress Bill Peters and the coaching staff in a short time.
\"It has always been my dream to reach this level since I was a child,\" he said . \".
\"I can\'t wait for the first game on Sunday.
Against Edmonton--the Edmonton-
I \'ve heard a lot about the competition in Calgary. -
Really cool.
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