\'a reminder of those horrible days\': tsartlip indian day school survivor wants building torn down

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
Former student Angel Samson said it was difficult for her to stand next to the small wooden school building where Tsartlip Indian Day School was attending classes.
\"It\'s just a reminder of those terrible days.
\"So many people have been abused here,\" she said . \".
The former school building is located on the Sanic peninsula near Victoria.
It is adjacent to a primary school and a high school run by the board of directors of the school of thewásáneć.
Samson has written to the board asking if the old school buildings have been demolished in order to provide a visual reminder to survivors in the community.
\"I think more needs to be done to heal our people,\" she said . \".
\"For people who don\'t have memories, I think it\'s okay.
But for others who have lived here for the rest of their lives, this is a must to go.
\"As many indigenous children are forced to participate in the Federation-
Between the end of 1800 and 1970, there was an Indian day school, such as Tsartlip\'s day school.
They are similar to Indian boarding schools, except that students go home after school.
Day school survivors were excluded from the Indian boarding school settlement agreement reached in 2006.
In response to the survivor\'s class action, you need to be aware of the Indian day school reconciliation, and the federal government has recently proposed a settlement for the abuse suffered by the Japanese School.
The proposed solution provides $10,000 in compensation for each injured student.
Persons who have suffered physical and sexual abuse are eligible for $50,000 to $200,000.
The Federal Court still has to decide whether this solution is in the best interest of the surviving students.
Former students are requested to submit comments by May 3.
First Nations, lawyers opposed the reading agreement, saying that rushedSampson had been in Tsartlip India for several years1960s.
She said she had suffered physical and emotional abuse during the period there.
The school board said the old school building was currently used as a language classroom.
It said Samson\'s request to see the building demolished would be considered at a meeting later this month.
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