a showpiece for modern ireland

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-29
Cois an Uisce —
Or \"by the water\"
Located in Summer Bay, on the coastal avenue outside Kinsale in west Cork.
The interior is the epitome of contemporary Irish architecture.
The curve is not a lot, but a series of straight lines and square shapes.
Its length, width and plenty of daylight. The single-
The multi-storey house has an area of 210 square meters, so it is spacious, low and looks a bit like
Hanging rooms, with a lot of emphasis on the glass windows, and the feeling of a few miles long tile or hard board.
The display is a kitchen and dining area with an arched ceiling with a skylight, as well as more glass windows provided by the double doors leading to the patio.
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