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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-27
By the end of last year, Moody\'s, the international rating agency, returned Ireland\'s rating to \"a2\", indicating that it now sees our economic outlook as \"stable \".
This is good news because just five years ago, Moody\'s gave Ireland a BA1 bond rating or a \"junk\" rating, which equates our outlook for global investors at the time with the prospects of the Philippines and guatamara.
Moody\'s attributed its recent upgrade to strong economic growth,
The budget was balanced and public debt fell.
Investors use this rating at the international level as a guide to a country\'s economic health and stability.
Maybe the most recent thing we have to measure the future of the family economy is BER (
Building energy grade)
Like Moody\'s standards, it uses graded charts of letters and numbers, with the best rating being \"a1 \".
BER provides a pretty good guide for potential homeowners about the money they might spend on heating and running the house.
Since the property accident, the upgrade of our building regulations/standards, as well as the improvement of insulation technology, coupled with the greater awareness of the owners of environmental impact and energy saving economic benefits, make BER a big consideration for buyers.
This concern, in turn, means that the BER score affects the final sales value of the property.
It\'s not surprising when you consider an A1-rated semi-
In theory, a separate 1,600-square-foot house costs 280 euros a year for heating, while the D1 version of the same property could cost you 2,600 euros.
Nevertheless, few families in Ireland really have the highest \'A1 \'rating.
A past survey by independent property companies showed that in 2014, only six of the country\'s homes could have A1, when most Irish homes belonged to the highest number of classes C and D (55,000)being rated D1.
So the A2 rating is really a very important thing, especially for a bigger family, 7 bride Glen Road, Rathmichael, 18 Dublin, over three floors have 3,100 square feet of heat.
Since the A1 rating seems almost impossible to achieve, A2 will still save a fortune for future owners
For example, the cost of heating G-
Based on our last check-in with SEAI, the rated version of the property of this size will be slightly less than 8,000 euros per year (
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)
Responsible for the organization of the specification BER system.
The 7 th is part of Shale\'s development, which launched in 2015, including 10 independent homes.
Six plans were sold immediately.
The houses were designed by Paul Duignan & Associates and originally sold for 850,000 euros.
It has 3,100 square feet of accommodation over three floors, with stairs in the middle.
A2 rating is by including PV panel, Dimplex air-to-
Water heat pump and doubleglazing.
The double door on the 7 th leads to the kitchen, which is hardwood floor with custom storage room and white granite countertops.
This is a family/restaurant with actors
Iron wood stove
In front of the hotel there is a living room with a box window and a game room on the other side.
There are four double bedrooms on the first floor, one with en-
Suite Shower (
All the ware is Duravit\'s)and a walk-in wardrobe.
The hotel also has a neutral-tone family bathroom with laundry room.
The second floor has a master bedroom suite for the family, the largest double bedroom.
There is a window facing south and its own.
Suite with showerin wardrobe.
The study on this floor can also be used as the sixth bedroom.
The south-facing back garden is located on the lawn, and the lawn is full of flower beds.
Access to a stone terrace through the kitchen for outdoor dining and entertaining friends.
Door side pass forward front yard with off-street parking.
The house is located near Brides Glen Road and close to both N11 and m50.
A big advantage is that Luas is parked right in the bride Glen, with a local bus route into town.
The schools include St Gerad, St Joseph of Clooney, St child and St benidus, which are only a few stops away from the Luas line in kilmode.
For the sake of safety, CCTV, intercom doorbell and front yard are wired for electric doors.
Luas also has easy access to Dundrum and one of the largest shopping malls in the country, along with a number of movie theaters and restaurants.
It takes you through Ranelagh into the city center and is also known for its food and drink and bars, and now you can almost go to Phoenix Park by bike.
Clockwise from the top: Glencarraig No. 7 has 3,100 square feet of accommodation over three floors; the hallway;
Living room with floating window of box;
Family bathroom;
Kitchen with white granite countertops and garden doors, and family room/dining room with wood burning stove and living room double doors, A2 rating is a very important thing, especially for a bigger home like this, at Rathmichael\'s glencarraroad 7, the d18 is asking for 975,000 euros01)
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