a visit to kentucky\'s horse country

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-29
The sense of a horse is something a horse has, and it prevents it from betting on people. --W. C.
Field West recently found himself thinking about horses. -a lot.
Maybe it was the special blauhaha that surrounded Chrome, California, that was a lovely maroon pony with four white feet and at best the most unlikely bloodline.
While he\'s from the other side of the track, Chrome doesn\'t know he\'s not blue blood.
It\'s part of his charm.
That\'s why we win our hearts.
About the same time he won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, I happened to be reading the biography of Queen Elizabeth II and learned that she had a strong interest in horses since then, when she was four, she got a sheretland pony named Peggy.
Over time, this transfer developed into one of her main leisure activities, with special emphasis on the breeding of pure stallion.
I learned that she sometimes sends her horse to the horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky, where it is home to the country\'s top horse farm, and the famous one held every fall
The Queen\'s precious horses on our own land?
Out of curiosity, I decided to visit some authentic horse excitement in Kentucky.
It turns out that during my stay I saw these majestic creatures everywhere.
Lexington is a horse country in every sense, and while I was driving from the airport, I was fascinated by the spectacular scenery: the rolling hills of Kentucky\'s famous bluegrass area, there are beautiful red barns, fields and meadows filled with wild flowers, surrounded by white horse fences stretching for miles, surrounded by beautiful pure stallion and their foals.
Arrive at the village of Shaq on Pleasant Hill in Lexington and continue with picturesque views.
Winding tree
Covered driveway, a ranch with two elegant white horses moving together, seems to pose for my camera, through the driveway, colorful Highland cows, their long Russian coats in the breeze
The appearance of a rare Randall cow is a real enjoyment
One of the only 300 people in the world.
She was big, white and noble, black on her face and back.
After lunch at The Village restaurant, I cruise leisurely along the Kentucky River on Dixie Bell paddle wheeler, one of the fun activities in the village.
The green of the river matches the verdant forests on both sides, and the afternoon sun plays on the water.
Shaker Village is the world\'s largest Shaker community with 1,900 acres of farmland and 34 19th-century restored buildings.
The Shakers were a religious sect that flourished in the 18 th century, but in part because they believed in exclusivity, and by the end of the next century the sect was extinct.
Fortunately, Shaker Village is once again a thriving property with an active community dedicated to protecting the Shaker lifestyle.
I spent the night in a real home: men and women entered and boarded separate doors to the stairs leading to their separate bedroom (
Is there anything strange about the final demise of the Shaker community? ).
The hotel has 70 guest rooms, suites and private villas.
My room was large with rocking bed furniture, hardwood floors, private bathroom and--
Icing on the cake-a memory-
Foam mattress on my king bed
The next morning I had a walking tour in the village and when I entered each building I felt strongly the presence of the rocking bed.
The sparsely furnished room was filled with lonely emotions, which made me hope these solo people figured it out before it was too late and they needed to relax, procreate for God\'s sake!
Ladies and gentlemen, Kentucky bourbon!
If you don\'t visit some of their famous bourbon wineries, the visit to Kentucky is incomplete, and the Buffalo tracking Winery is one of the oldest wineries in the United States.
During the tour, I observed the whole process of converting corn, rye and malt into the world --
Famous Kentucky bourbon wine
At the Woodford Reserve winery, I learned that this is the only factory in the state that uses the original Scottish pot method to make bourbon whisky.
On the porch there are some fine exhibitions about the history and heritage of this popular drink, lunch is a great way to end the winery tour ---
At the top of natch\'s restaurant, there is a pure and perfect Kentucky bourbon whisky.
The highlight of my trip is Kentucky Horse Park, which is dedicated to the relationship between human beings and horses.
The park is one of Kentucky\'s most famous attractions, unlike any other place in the world, which showcases museums, galleries, theaters and farm work exhibitions.
50 varieties graze on 1,200 acres of lush pasture, everything you want to know about horses is here, including a work Farm, the world champion Hall and horse exhibition.
In the park, you can take a unique horse farm tour from Sean Washington.
Know everything well, especially the history of race and breeding in Kentucky, his backwardnessthe-
Famous horse farm and horse scene tour-
Absolutely not to miss the facilities! Mr.
Washington took us on his journey to Rod and riderma hospital.
He explained that it was one of the most important hospitals in the world, founded in 1986. -
Leader in horse veterinary care
As we walked into the reception area, we faced a large window leading to one of the operating rooms.
A nurse wearing a mask and gloves is preparing a room for the doctor and the patient.
In an instant, the double door opened, on gurney --cum-
I found that some of the shocking scenes were the operating table. -
A completely composed horse lay on its back, his hind legs almost pulled to his stomach, his left front legs tied up straight and fixed in the proper position.
The surgeon then drilled a screw on the ankle of the horse, which eventually adjusted its abnormal gait.
This is once. in-a-
It\'s hard to watch but it\'s a very fascinating life-long scene that begins to end.
Sean Washington with his rich knowledge and fascinating tid of Horse History-
Clips that others can\'t hear. Our behind-the-
The scene tour gave us a close and hands-on experience of Calumet Farm and the famous stables of Keeneland, and we visited millions
Dollar stallion and their lovely two and threeweek-old foals.
Lexington, Kentucky: WorldI\'s capital of horses is out of this fascinating horse experience with a deeper understanding of the fine and strict art of horse breeding.
I was fascinated by the beauty of the Kentucky countryside and attracted by the towering men\'s war statue at the entrance to Kentucky Horse Park.
I will always remember the classic and elegant Calumet Farm (
But I will try to erase the scene of the special booth on that farm, where the great Alydar met his tragic ending);
I will often reflect on the tranquility of the rocking bed village and the sunshine I walk along it --dappled lanes;
I will have a better understanding of horse racing and the complex business of raising these wonderful animals.
But most of all, when I think of Kentucky, my thoughts come back to my peeps --
I found it very small, just-
The born foals lie lazily, and the elegant mother protects them.
The tenderness of those pictures will always be with me. If You Go -
Kentucky tours-Lexingtonwww. visitlex.
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