a wonder in marble

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-02
This is a structure in a city that sayajirao gaekwad did not build.
Instead, the history of welcoming your marble structure at the entrance of badri mohalla dates back to more than 300 years during babis rule.
However, this is not™This is a mosque. e-
Nova Scotia™I only ask for fame.
Located in the heart of the old town, this Alawi bohella mosque dazzles you with its absolute splendor.
Buried under several tons of marble, it has a history of more than three centuries.
The original mosque was by syedna ziauddin bin nuh (q. r)
A missionary came to vadora centuries ago to travel to the Pokhla community.
But in order to make way for the new building in 1973, the old building was demolished.
The goal is to build a bigger and better old mosque.
The mosque has several interesting features in the building.
For example, there is a unique fact in its building that there are no pillars in the whole building.
It is clear that the whole structure is supported by a belt specially brought from Kolkata.
Of course, there is a lot of marble on each of the three floors.
Multi-storey buildings brought from makrana, Rajasthan.
And two giant spires,almost 75-
80-foot-long, one of the largest hotels in vadora)
The 12 smaller spires and domes attracted the attention of the mosque\'s front.
At the first glance, it was a huge inscription. ™Gold.
The huge wooden door leading to the main hall reminds people of the fact that the previous house had a gate, as if surrounded by a fortress.
\"Even now, we need at least three people to open and close the door, so we keep opening the door . \" Hatim ziauddin belongs to alavi bohras
The mosque\'s hall wall has Quran inscriptions, almost 225 Long, which is also a unique feature, as there are few such huge collections in other mosques in vadora.
Although the ceiling is decorated with gorgeous carvings, one cannot miss the huge chandelier imported from the Czech Republic.
Unlike elsewhere, this is a mosque that allows women to pray, and only they sit on the second floor, where deep dah is erected.
Interestingly, members of the community (
Not so strict though)
Also follow the dress code for prayer.
Most of them are dressed in white.
But the mosque is not just a place for prayer and religious ceremonies.
It also has Islamic schools, an important center for celebrations during the festival, whether it\'s moharram or id.
Festivals are important occasions, says Ziauddin, and religious discourse, the spread of Islamic thought, and so on are just activities.
Moharram is particularly important when almost the entire mohalla mourns and recites noha or marsiya on the street (elegy).
Even if that\'s not the case, masjid-e-
Noorani is the center of the event.
This is a place where the grand architecture meets with religious enthusiasm.
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