Advantages and disadvantages of custom wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-23

What are the advantages of custom wooden door

The advantages of custom wooden door :

1. It is tailored for you and fits you very well. It is designed according to your room type and is very reasonable, designers can also configure internal functional parts for you according to your needs, design unique wooden doors for you, and present the effect diagram of wooden doors in front of you in advance. If you are not satisfied, you can repair them and avoid worries.

2. Customized integral wooden doors are guaranteed in terms of manufacturing, meticulous in workmanship, not easy to deform, paint falling off, and beautiful in appearance, A full set of complete production equipment and experienced production workers ensure the perfection of the overall wooden door.

3. Good quality and low price. The factory purchases raw materials in large quantities, which reduces the cost. However, the mass production in the workshop minimizes the loss; Provincial materials, as the owner does not need to worry about the waste of materials for custom wooden doors.

4, no need to paint, choose the brand of wooden door environmental protection coefficient is high, E0 to E1 grade, rich substrate, and then to the surface material, more than 20 colors, it can be said that any combination, any combination, can achieve the ideal combination you want, give you a perfect wooden door.

5. You can deliver the goods according to the time and ensure that your decoration will not be delayed.

What are the disadvantages of custom wooden door

The disadvantages of custom wooden door :

1. Irregular extension of customization cycle: compared with finished wooden doors, the production cycle of customized wooden doors is relatively long, because customized wooden doors need to wait until you submit the order, the manufacturer sends people to come to measure the size, and designs according to the decoration design style and decoration color of your home. After you have determined the design drawings of the manufacturer, you can process the wooden door, however, it takes at least 15 days for interior doors to be customized, while it takes an estimated one month for pure solid wood doors to be customized, however, many manufacturers always fail to deliver the goods within the specified time when signing the contract, and the customization period is extended irregularly, which brings problems such as delay in decoration period to the owners.

2. Whether the pre-sales deposit has been returned or not: the wooden door customization industry is still not mature, and manufacturers of all sizes are receiving orders for wooden door customization, for some large manufacturers, it is hard to say, but some small manufacturers are hard to say that the quality of their wooden doors is not guaranteed. It is possible that the deposit you pay will not be returned because they only accept the order, after the design, processing, installation and after-sales work are not guaranteed, it is possible that after you pay the deposit, you can no longer find the manufacturer, especially those who put mobile stalls in the market, you must not choose their custom-made wooden doors.

3. After-sales service is not considerate: in fact, after installing wooden door products, it does not mean that the shopping trip has reached the end point, in the long-term use of products, various problems often occur, requiring businesses to provide continuous maintenance services. Businesses with imperfect after-sales service systems often find it difficult to ensure product maintenance, at present, not all custom wooden door manufacturers have perfect after-sales service system, so if you want to ensure the service life of your custom wooden door, try to choose merchants with long-term service guarantee, for example, the service promise of one-year replacement, five-year warranty and life-long product maintenance is generally more credible for merchants with after-sales return visits and tracking services.

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