Advantages of environmentally friendly solid wood doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-16

1. Strong sound absorption without deformation

The processed finished product is environmentally friendly solid wood door without deformation, corrosion resistance, no splicing joints, good heat insulation and other characteristics, precisely because wooden door is made of all solid wood , therefore, its density is high and the door plate is thick and heavy, which is why wooden door has good sound absorption, the environment-friendly and durable solid wooden door formed by processing it will have greater value in the specific installation of wooden door .

2. The visual sense of texture cleaning is very strong

The wood grain texture of the solid wood type environment-friendly wooden door is clear, which has a strong sense of wholeness and stereoscopic impression, it makes people feel comfortable when they look. Solid wood doors are made of solid wood as a whole. At present, the popular materials include Catalpa bungei, Fraxinus mandshurica, Korean pine, beech, etc. They are well matched with interior decoration and have a good visual experience.

3. Absorb ultraviolet rays to reduce visual fatigue

Another point is reflected in the diffuse reflection advantage of environmentally friendly solid wood doors, it can absorb all the ultraviolet rays and other light materials in the light to reduce the influence of light or other materials. This kind of solid wood environment-friendly wooden door has to be said to be one of the best material types for interior decoration. In other aspects, the understanding of this material is also reflected in other fields, at the same time, we also welcome everyone to have a comprehensive understanding of this product and give full play to the biggest production advantage of the larger solid wood composite environmental protection wooden door.

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