aleppo\'s ancient city a victim of syrian war

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-13
* UNESCO World Heritage site threatened by conflict * buildings destroyed by bullet holes, houses * religious cooperation
On August 28, the battle of Oliver Holmes in Aleppo, Syria also hit survival (Reuters)-
The ancient city of Aleppo was ruled by the hitters, Greeks, Romans and Ottoman, and survived thousands of years of violent change.
But it turns out that there are too many modern weapons escalating the civil war in Syria.
There were bullet holes on the stone wall, and the whole house collapsed after the air raid. The small wooden door decorated with metal ornaments broke down due to the explosion.
For a month, rebels armed with assault rifles and grenades and President Bashar AL-ASSAD-
Assad army along the cobblestone streets of Aleppo.
The troops used tanks, helicopters and jets to shoot, explode and bomb the ground.
\"The old city of Aleppo is fighting every day.
A jet bombed twice yesterday.
The helicopter opened fire on us, with mortars every day, \"said Ahmed Hanesh, 19, a rebel fighter. year-
Old students from the old town of Jedeide stand on the edge of the old town.
Even before the battle, time had forced the houses made of stones and wooden beams to tilt under their own weight, and the ancient mosque in Aleppo was collapsing.
But the new scars stand out.
\"How do we protect the old house?
We have to protect ourselves first, \"said Hanesh, whose green headband and ammunition jacket are popular clothes for the rebels who consider themselves to be civilian protectors of Assad\'s horrible militia, shabbiha.
With the deepening of the old town, the streets gradually become thinner.
Families with young children take their property in the opposite direction
Refugees fleeing the battlefield
A teenage boy with a mattress on his head warned that further mattresses were not safe: \"There was damage inside,\" he said, and then rushed to catch up with his mother.
Visitors once marvel at the well-preserved Islamic schools and ancient markets in Aleppo
Fantasize yourself at night in Arabia
Now, the soldiers stand in every corner, and their weapons are placed on sandbags.
Tourist shops are closed and their famous green olive soap is locked up;
An industry is ruined.
Aroma of home-
The made perfume and spice markets have been replaced by the smell of stone dust, and shrapnel and bullets have thrown them into the air.
Rebels and government forces fighting on the streets here.
The enemy positioned himself as ziz, which is only a few meters away from each other-
Zag alley provides some protection against direct fire.
They know that stone buildings in Aleppo will be hit.
The old city of Aleppo is one of the World Heritage Sites in Syria declared by UNESCO, the United Nations cultural organization, which is currently at risk of fighting.
\"This is a disaster.
Aleppo is considered one of the oldest towns in the world and a crossroads for some of the most important historical developments in the region, \"a UNESCO representative told Reuters in Paris.
\"This is very important in the symbolic sense, and we are very worried.
UNESCO believes that five of Syria\'s six major heritage sites
Including the old desert city of Palmyra, the Chevrolet fortress, and part of the old Damascus --
The almost intact Crusader Castle, located on a hill in the middle of Homs province, repelled the medieval offensive waves, but did not match modern explosives.
The video shows what appears to be the damage caused by mortar or artillery to the 13th-century battlements.
UNESCO is concerned about the risk of robbing cultural relics at archaeological sites and has contacted Interpol and neighbouring countries to prevent any smuggling of cultural relics.
\"Of course, the protection of civilians is a major priority, but Syria\'s heritage is also very important because it is part of the country\'s identity,\" the UNESCO representative said . \".
\"For example, past experiences in Iraq show how much damage a nation\'s identity will be,\" he said . \" He quoted the robbery of Baghdad museum of antiquities after $2003. S.
Overthrow the invasion of Saddam
Within days of Saddam Hussein\'s overthrow, the museum in Baghdad was looted, an early sign of Iraq\'s eventual chaos in sectarian war.
In Aleppo, the rebels now claim to control about half of the ancient city, mainly the east.
Government forces and shabbiha control the main open-air market, the main Umayad Mosque and the biggest prize in Aleppo: The Castle.
From a safe distance, halfkilometre-wide (500-yard)
Medieval Forts can be seen over the city.
Its huge wooden door was broken into by Sabha, and now it\'s surrounded by a No. go area.
Residents say snipers have placed themselves in thin stone windows, first carved out for archers.
Residents say today\'s snipers are precise and they shoot within sight.
A civil war between a president from the Shiite Muslim minority Alawite branch and a Sunni Muslim majority broke the delicate sectarian balance of the old town, where religious groups have lived side by side for centuries.
Saeed Ali, another young rebel in Jed, said residents of the Christian district of Aleppo supported Assad.
\"All Christians volunteered to launch Kalashnikov at us,\" he said, kicking the trash box that was idle on the road.
\"The Kurds in the Old Town also support Assad.
\"Even women fight,\" he said . \".
Sunni residents say the treasures of their own sect have been deliberately attacked.
The electrician, Ahmed Ibrahim, who also works to preserve one of Aleppo\'s 14 th century Mamluk mosques, said Assad incited sectarian tensions to promote his idea of fighting extremist terrorists.
Ibrahim said a jet dropped a bomb a few meters away from the spires over the weekend.
Although the limestone wall was strong, the prayer hall was destroyed.
The cool interior was sheltered from the August sun by the dome roof, with broken glass and debris everywhere.
Walking further, the other mosque was not so lucky.
A bomb is lost. leave a 3-
There is a deep crater on the street.
The next attack on the mosque caused a bus to turn over, the cemetery to crack, and the marble tombstone to bend from the shock wave.
When Ibrahim spoke, a government fighter jet flew 300 feet high and opened fire on a nearby area.
Residents of the old town took refuge in nearby niches.
\"Jews, Christians and Muslims know God is watching them,\" Ibrahim said . \"
Cut your beard and wear robes.
\"Assad has forgotten.
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