all grown up

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
Apartment 2E Carlisle Building, 7 Emily square, Auckland City.
Anne Webster says her CBD apartment in Carlisle building makes her feel like a real adult.
\"I use the word growth --up.
Although I am in my 60 s, I seem eager to grow up.
This apartment makes me feel like an adult. up.
In October 2003, Anne and her husband, Andy Stanton, were looking for an apartment base in Auckland because \"we live a complicated life here and in the UK \".
Andy is a Reuters reporter. Anne has worked as a radio reporter in New Zealand and as a radio and television reporter in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.
There are two apartments for sale in Carlisle building.
This one has 120sq m and a smaller one.
\"We got a little smaller on the post, and then this one was great.
\"After three days of watching, my husband was leaving for England, so we had a lot of work to do during that time.
But I don\'t regret buying it.
\"I saw fantastic walls where I could hang my paintings, I had large pieces of furniture, but they didn\'t look big in all the spaces. . .
This is another bonus.
\"The Carlisle building was built in 1912 and originally had a warehouse and an auction house.
It was converted into 20 apartments in the 1990 s.
Using wooden beams and floors as well as high columns, this conversion is very tasteful, says Anne.
\"We live in New York and London.
We stayed in a big space and a small place and we thought the size of the place was great.
We love the simplicity and space of the beams and wooden floors.
I like the fact that even if it\'s-
Bedroom space, enough space for two people to stay here.
\"I don\'t mind no garden.
If I want to be outside, I can walk to Albert Park or to the beach.
If she wants to live in the city, she prefers to live near the city center, says Anne.
\"I love the noise of the city and it\'s only a few steps away from the bar and cafe.
Auckland has a buzz of a bigger city.
\"Through a large wooden door and then climbing up the curved stairs leading to the apartment, even the entrance to the building is a pleasure.
The apartments of Anne and Andy are on two floors.
The entrance offers an open living space with a kitchen, toilet and laundry room.
Anne considered putting the kitchen island in, but she felt like the place.
\"I had some great dinners here.
\"Downstairs is the bedroom, walking-
In the wardrobe and luxurious bathroom.
Anne and Andy display their art and Japanese furniture with spacious floor and wall space.
Anne wanted to keep the apartment but they decided to sell it because they were in the UK most of the time.
They work in Scotland, and Andy takes a week off after a week to work in London.
\"But I kept saying to Andy that I would keep the apartment if I won the lottery tomorrow.
I will miss the physical nature of it, the size of it, the feeling of space.
I will also miss the days when there is no parking lot in the city center.
\"I hope someone bought it and liked it.
It needs to be loved by passion.
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