All kinds of wooden doors on the market

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-29
We have seen many kinds of wooden doors, various styles, various materials and various functions on the market. Today we will subdivide them. 1. According to the surface materials: There are mainly a dozen of walnut, cherry, sapride, mahogany, Maple, teak, Ebony, pear, Ziwei, zebra, oak, Catalpa wood, Fraxinus mandshurica, iron peach wood, etc. 2, Function Points: according to the use of such as door, bedroom door, book door, kitchen door, Bath door; Apartment hotel room door, bathroom door, corridor door, Office Business door, etc. 3, according to the opening method: Slide rail door: horizontal push and pull open, do not occupy space. Mainly used for kitchen door, bathroom door, balcony door. Hinge door: turn to open, mainly used for door, bedroom door, office door. 4. The surface treatment method can be divided into: white stubble door: no paint, after buying it back, you need to find an oil worker to brush the paint manually. Because of the hand paint, the quality of the door is lowered. Paint door: also known as finished door, the door that has been painted in the factory can be installed directly. 5, in the form of the door: flat door: the edge of the door is flat, the traditional doors are all flat doors, due to the opening of the lock, there should be a gap of 3mm between the door and the door frame. T-shaped door opening: a new type of door introduced from Europe. The edge of the door is a T-shaped opening. The protruding part is pressed on the door cover and is equipped with sealant strips. The sealing and sound insulation effect is good, overall Beauty 6. According to the door type and process: full glass door, glass door. Panel doors, core doors. Panel doors are airtight and have no perspective light transmission points. They are mostly used for portals and bedroom doors. This door can carve concave lines and make convex lines. The shape is elegant and has good integrity.
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