An Artistic Overview of Wooden Doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-05-05
When you look back at art that has been painted and loved by many, wooden doors has always been a popular subject. Picasso and his famous painting Las Meninas, used a framework of an external door made out of oak, which for Picasso depicted new beginnings, a new entrance and for many a door can represent a new chapter in life is opening up or to close a chapter in one's life. A person's home reflects these thoughts behind the modern art of Picasso and many other modern artists of today, as its internal and external doors create an entrance to each new room or chapter. Artwork is not just about the picture on a wall; it is about relating to life. Choosing your own wooden doors for your home is a reflection of you, who you are, and your individual taste just as artwork is about the artist who created it. The front of your home is the doorway to your life and can say much about you. For instance visitors glancing at your external oak door may assume that you have a strong sturdy character and your home will be traditional just as oak has been the backbone of wood for many years. So what does it say when your internal wooden doors are made out of pine? Doors made from pine can be fresh, clean and gleaming; they show off a more creative side to a person's personality. Just as when we decorate a room, we put a lot of thought into the colour scheme and where we want our furniture, so we should not forget the entrance door itself. Add the finishing touches with the right door accessories. At Runcheng, we have a wide range of artistic designs in both wooden door.
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