Analysis of anti-fraud measures for wooden door purchase

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-27
Gold nine silver Ten is not only a golden sales period, but also a good time for home decoration. At this time, the major building materials and home furnishing markets are in full swing, and various promotional activities emerge one after another, making consumers excited. However, the more this kind of moment, the more consumers should keep calm, need to deeply understand the possible problems, and be careful of being cheated when buying original wooden door products. Let the Runcheng belt take everyone to prevent fraud! Scam 1: Shoddy wooden doors are usually divided into superior products, first-class products and second-class products. Some unscrupulous merchants replaced the original wooden door and re-stamped the forged grade seal to shoddy. Anti-fraud tactics: you can't trust the introduction of the seller and the packaging, but you should know more about the common sense of the original wooden door purchase and carefully select it. To ask the classification of commodity brand manufacturers, and indicate the quality grade of the products bought on the sales contract. Scam 2: in the market, brand-name wooden doors are leading the fashion trend in terms of color and style, attracting many consumers' eyes. Therefore, some merchants take advantage of consumers' psychology of pursuing brands to make some wooden doors with imitation brand styles, but the selling price is only half or 1/3 of that of famous brands, some consumers bought this imitation because they wanted to be cheap, but they could not get the brand's service and quality assurance. Anti-fraud tricks: adjust the shopping mentality, do not blindly pursue the brand, it is best to buy brand products in the original wooden door brand store, and be alert to those low-priced products that are known as 'good quality and low price. Scam 3: some wooden door stores do not have a price tag. Not all goods have a price tag. Bad merchants often only mark one of the lower-priced goods. When consumers ask about other goods, they take the opportunity to raise the price, so that consumers unconsciously fall into the price of the merchant design. Anti-fraud tactics: Consumers should understand that low-priced sales and discounts are only the usual means for businesses to attract consumers' attention. For consumers, it is best to buy products in regular stores, and never sacrifice after-sales service for the sake of cheapness. Scam 4: stealing beams and changing columns some merchants use brand signs, but sell other small brands or even fake wooden doors. During the purchase process, they will not talk about what brand, but the price is the same or even higher as the brand, because the color of the brand is more classic and long-lasting, and the miscellaneous wooden doors have more colors and are easy to be outdated, consumers only look at the colors and ignore the brand, and even buy low-priced goods at high prices, but I can't get the quality assurance of the brand. Anti-fraud tricks: when buying wooden doors, you must first understand the brand, know the size of the local brand and the production process. Because the process is different, the price is different. Do not buy the goods of the ordinary process at a high price, and when you buy, you should know whether the selected brand is your own. Fraud 5: some material suppliers have close cooperation with some home improvement companies or construction teams, and construction personnel will also help you. Because many consumers have no experience, they like to let the construction workers take the materials, and these construction workers will take you to the dealers who have a cooperative relationship with him, decoration workers are both child care and shield. Consumers think that the construction personnel should be more professional. When choosing wooden doors, they ignore the quality brand and give a higher price, but they do not know the reason. Anti-fraud tactics: Let yourself master some simple professional knowledge, make yourself more professional, have your own opinions, and don't let construction personnel control yourself so as not to be cheated. Fraud 6: although the owner took a fancy to the brand products in the store, he did not expect some bad merchants to take the package adjustment behavior, but they were other brand wooden doors of the same suit style when they were delivered to the owner's home. Most of the time, consumers are almost unwilling to entangle with businesses when they look at colors, but in fact, the quality of the two products will differ a lot. Anti-fraud tricks: carefully check when receiving the goods. If you encounter a package adjustment, you should strongly request the merchant to return the goods. If necessary, you can consult the Consumer Association and other relevant departments.
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