anzac graffiti \'from the end of the world\' unearthed in ancient french cave city

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-08
A heavy wooden door leads to the steps deep underground.
Dark and cool in this vast network of people
We made the tunnel and had a scarf around our neck.
The little bat hugs its wings tightly on its own body and hangs tightly on the roof of the cave.
The archaeologist Giles prilow put his torch lamp on the limestone wall and shouted excitedly: \"The story begins here.
\"These Caves, located below the Naours countryside in northern France, are part of Australia\'s military history.
In a huge network of rooms and tunnels, some of which dates back to the Middle Ages, hundreds of Australian soldiers left their mark here during World War I.
The Naours cave stretches for several kilometers, about 30 metres from the ground.
Hundreds of years ago, local villagers used them to store goods or avoid intruders.
3,000 people once lived in the underground city and built their own churches, bakeries and stables.
The chimney is routed through the cabin above, so there is no
People will know that there is a population underground.
By the end of the 19 th century, the famous cave has become a local tourist attraction, where Australian soldiers who fought in nearby trenches will visit during World War I.
Four years ago, local Mr. Prilaux was studying the ancient history of the cave and suddenly wondered what the name on the wall meant.
\"Here you can see the regiment number, the battalion number, and here you can see Australia,\" he said, pointing to his signature . \".
He now realizes that there are as many as 2,000 Australian signatures in these caves.
Some of them are very detailed, including not only the camp, but also their home address and even their height and weight.
\"Behind this signature, I can find a part of this soldier\'s life,\" Mr Prilaux said . \".
\"I know this is the last \'writing\' of their lives for these soldiers \'.
Australia is a dominant nation among graffiti artists.
\"They came from the end of the world and they wanted to put a message on the wall: \'I am here today, what is tomorrow? \'? \'.
\"It could be Pozieres, or it could be the moufarm farm,\" he said in naming the front battlefield . \".
Two soldiers were marked on the wall and they were missing for two hours on July 1916.
Others drew a small pencil drawing of a soldier in a slouchy hat.
In the Mark: \"C spark (Blazes)
\"Sydney\", \"Perth\", \"aedmunds, Sydney \".
Ian Fletcher, director of overseas programs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, is still in awe of the site, even at the time of his eighth visit.
\"We always talk about the gore of the war, the battle, the battle, the miners of the war, but this is a different story, the lines behind a story, Mr Fletcher said: \"What they did during that time, they were relieved. \".
When the soldiers visited the cave, they were breathing from the trenches.
Alan olthorpe, a young private friend from Sydney, wrote in his diary that when we were stationed in the nearby viniakot, \"… In the afternoon, our group of 10 refugees were used to hiding there during the invasion.
There are about 300 rooms in the cave.
Historians need to understand why soldiers are there --
They are just sightseeing.
Many Australians, Mr. Fletcher said, do not know the history of their ancestors and they should \"ask \"--
Encourage people to explore the slogan of the new movement of the past.
The priority now is to ensure that this important website is protected.
The Australian government is working with French officials and Naours cave operators to protect vulnerable graffiti.
Last weekend, senior affairs minister Darren Chester visited the caves and offered $30,000 to protect them.
Jean, mayor of Naours-
He said he hoped the Australian would visit Australia.
\"Attendance is important for us, but more importantly, it is possible for Australians to discover these works,\" he said . \".
\"They are very rare. this is the most important thing --
They are memories. \"Topics:world-war-
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