architect clive wilkinson selling west hollywood retreat

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-14
An open and colorful office with fun or death, Disney Store headquarters and google plex (And many others)
Only one-
His respected family home in the portfolio.
Now you can live in a house built for yourself by the workplace architect Clive Wilkinson.
The groundbreaking designer is selling his home in West Hollywood for $4. 5 million.
\"He is famous for the modern industrial space Master,\" said listing agent Wendy Granderson . \".
\"This is a living example.
\"The property was built in 2007 and is a rare example of his residential work, and so far, the only one
According to the agent, the family home of Wilkinson has been completed.
You can hear Wilkinson describe the place yourself in this family travel video.
According to Granderson, the architect is selling the property for another home he built for his family.
One of the benefits of buying a house from a designer?
Includes white rubber flooring on the stairs, matching oak flooring and kitchen island as well as green (weatherproof)
The curtains in the living room hang outside.
Double wood ceiling adds a lot of color
Dining room and kitchen.
The radiant heat warms the concrete floor of the living room.
It is not accidental to soak a bubble in the counter next to the sink: it is to hide ugly appliances from the counter.
Retreatlike space includes a 48-foot-
The long pool is visible from the oversized glass front door and can be used as a wall.
The glass in the living room and kitchen continues with a view of the pool.
Although the property is close to the lively business district, it still maintains a sense of tranquility, according to Granderson.
\"You feel like you\'re being transformed,\" she said . \"
When you go through the gate, \"there is an Olive Garden . . . . . . Take you out of the city and bring you into the hotel.
\"The property includes a master suite with its own courtyard, complete with Japanese maple trees in full bloom ---
Direct access to the main shower from the pool. (
According to gradson, the South African native is swimming every day. )The two-level, 3,300-square-
The Foot home includes a flexible space upstairs, as well as an office and two bedrooms.
We can see that the owners of the workplace have an equal number of skills in the family.
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