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Castle of France.
Image: Lonely Planet Source: Lonely Planet sleeps comfortably behind the stone walls of these large and small strongholds, but try to resist the urge to drip boiling oil from the battle.
The largest castle in England is in Windsor, and if you can find a room there, be sure to send us a postcard.
For those who like to walk shorter than the breakfast table and less corgis on the road, the Hellifield Peel Castle is a more human intensive family.
Just outside the village of Hellifield, the southern border of Dales National Park in Yorkshire, which was originally a British
The House of Saxony Manor, including The Last Templar in the 14 th century, is being strengthened by a series of owners.
Just a few years ago, the castle was still a deserted ruin, but in a project filmed for the TV series Big design, the husband-and-
The wife team of Francis and Karen Shaw once again made the building livable.
Guests of this B & B stay in one of the four bedrooms or loft apartments under the modern roof.
And the Yorkshire valley is easily raided. party distance.
Malham village is a good starting point for a walk in the area.
Hellifield Pier Castle is 56 km kilometers northwest of Leeds (
$165; peelcastle. co. uk).
Hellifield is on route A65 from Leeds to Kendall, Cumbria.
Drive 1 hour from Leeds and Manchester and 4 hours from London.
Hellifield station is 1.
6 km from Castle, direct service to Leeds (£19)and Carlisle (£28; northernrail. org). 2.
In several corners of Europe, there are castles as rich as the Loire Valley.
There is a gorgeous castle almost anywhere you turn, which could be an example of a cat wearing boots.
The most exquisite one was built on the 16 th in France.
During the Renaissance of the century, when the style of the castle became no longer to resist the siege, but to entertain the royal mistress.
The Chissay Castle is the real type, its walls are built with the palest stone, and the turret has the hat slate roof of the Witch on top of it. Inside are rib-
Vault ceiling, spiral staircase and a wide variety of guest rooms including the \"troglodyte\" option with a rough
Carved stone walls, and double
In the horizontal turret room of Dorn (keep)
You can see raf there.
The perfect restaurant is a highlight. Chissay-en-
Tureen, where the castle is located, is a small village on the banks of the snow River.
An hour drive is 1519 off the grand and gorgeous shambode Castle that starts as a hunting lodge.
It is the largest of the luval Castle, but it is dozens closer to the hotel, including the most romantic castle, the castle of cheronso, which is built on the arch on the Cher River, the Cher is a tributary of the Loire River.
This area is more suitable to go to the castle carnival than anywhere else.
The starter room starts at £ 135, but is expected to pay £ 170 or more for more atmospheric castle rooms (
Chateaudechissay. com;
Deadline January). Chissay-en-
One hour by train from Paris, just change the car (Return for £ 60; sncf. com).
For ferry and Channel tunnel users, Chissay is about 5 hours drive from Calais, from Diep, Le Havre and St-Malo.
It is a 45-minute drive from luval airport.
Read France on Lonely Planet (£17. 99)3.
Scottish people
Food was served for some Scottish castles, while others were magnificent architectural flights, never intended to be tested during the war.
Tower House is one of the unique types.
A tall stone residence in Laird, wanting some protection during tribal battles and other conflicts.
Historians distinguish these towers from C-plan, L-plan, T-plan or Z-
Plan according to their footprint, but the point is to be able to shoot from the attackers outside the front door of the side wall.
Hope you don\'t need an L-at the park Castle-
Plan tower house.
From the outside, the inside of the tower is impressive with a huge stone fireplace, hidden corners and painted walls.
Built in 1590 and restored in the late 20 th century, it is now rented by Landmark Trust.
The tower can sleep up to seven people in four bedrooms.
The park Castle stands on a forest-enclosed hill outside the village of glenluth.
It\'s just the shyness of Galloway\'s Rhins-the hammer-
The Peninsula in southwest Scotland has the most mild climate, as evidenced by the magnificent Kennedy Castle gardens and submarines.
Tropical Logan Botanical Garden.
Weigtown is also nearby, which is famous for its many bookstores.
You can book an entry Castle accommodation in the Park (
389 for three. night stay; landmarktrust. org. uk).
Glenlours is two hours drive from Glasgow and Carlisle.
It is 16 km from the nearest train station Stranraer and has a direct train to Glasgow (from £39; scotrail. co. uk)
Bus to Glenus (
Travelinescotland. com).
The Castle of the park is its own
Dining and 1 km from the nearest store, it is better to have your own car.
Reading Scotland of Lonely Planet£13. 99). 4.
It\'s a luxury hotel on a dark brown Hill line-
From the more charming countryside around Siena, the Tuscan-colored landscape of the South of Arezzo, Castel Abbey has seen the past for nearly a thousand years.
This name refers to this Hamlet (
Also known as Monastero d\'Ombrone)
Served as a castle and monastery, surrounded by Florence during a battle with Siena in 1208.
Today, if you stand in the square in the center of Hamlet, you will find yourself in the middle of a luxury hotel.
The stone house that gathered together and the cottage in the distance were endowed with modern interior design sensitive to its historical charm;
The spa is the opposite of the monastery;
Gordon Ramsey is responsible for one of the two menus on the menu
Restaurant on site.
Located in this eternal environment, the world around me feels as far away as the medieval castledwellers.
However, the next road is Siena-
The definition of the urban state of the Italian Renaissance, rich in art in churches and galleries.
Wine is less than an hour\'s drive from the hotel
The growing region of Chianti and the mountainous region of the island of Crete.
Getting started casseena Monastero is 24 km kilometers east (from £330;
Castelmonastero. com)
Drive an hour from Florence Airport and two hours from Pisa.
You are advised to bring your car, but you can also book a local taxi (
£ 40 from Siena with train connection to Florence and Pisa).
Read Florence and Tuscany on Lonely Planet (£14. 99). 5.
Budget one El Castillo de Buen Amor (
Castle of Good Love)
May be the least military name ever for a fortress, but in fact, this place on the northern plains of Salamanca is designed to be more enjoyable, despite its crenellations, huge walls and (dry)moat.
There are Armor, hunting trophies and other styles of Arabic in part of Spain --
Medieval influenced version including a lovely double
Central courtyard of the colonnade.
The windows are usually small but the room can be large.
Located between Salamanca and Samora, this castle is worth a visit.
The former is home to the oldest university in Spain, probably the most beautiful main square.
Air Museum of Roman architecture.
The entry room starts at £ 65 in the \"guard room\" next to the moat, and the higher room is £ 110 (buenamor. net ).
The castle is a 30-
Only minutes from Salamanca
Two hours by car from Madrid and two hours by train.
Read Spain on Lonely Planet (£17. 99).
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