behind closed doors: the sex trade in the digital era

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-13
Time changes everything.
Even the oldest profession.
Once it is made public on the corner of the city of SA, sex transactions are becoming more and more closed --
And, in many cases, in addition to the snooping of regulators and police. In a two-
Part series, leader
Post looked at how sexual transactions in the province of SA developed, and how the two largest cities in the province were trying to manage them, as the City of Regina was preparing to release a long term earlier this year
Pending a review of its charter concerning adult entertainment.
\"You can still see sex traders on the street.
We are still tingling . \"
Darcy MacDonald, deputy unit of Regina police station
But his troops are now patrolling the internet more.
Specifically, it monitors online classified websites, which are often used to advertise sex sales.
McDonald says some women who promote their services online prefer to be called escorts.
But while titles are important to some, the core business remains the same.
\"Whether you\'re talking about street sex traders or accompanying people, it\'s prostitution.
That said, escorts often choose to work in an environment where they feel safe, such as a hotel room or home, \"instead of jumping on a car around the corner and going to who knows where.
There are also more and more institutions offering massage services. at all hours —
You can see advertisements in the adult list online.
\"I don\'t know the person who went to the massage at two in the morning,\" McDonald said . \".
Accompanying and massage parlors are not new.
In fact, according to decades of data, the idea of \"upscale\" prostitutes in Queen\'s city dates back to more than 1980
A former history of prostitution in the city compiled by Regina police.
Many of these women work on \"circuits\" and travel from city to city under the control of mobile pimps.
Some escorts are still working in the circuit.
In fact, it expanded in the province during the period of economic growth before the recent recession.
MacDonald said women traveling from eastern Canada to the prairie added stops at smaller centers such as moose Chin, Weyburn and Estevan.
The escort business slowed as the economy staggered in the province, but the track did not set the province back.
\"The girls are still coming out like this because it\'s all for money,\" McDonald said . \" Note that \"services\" sold in Ontario or Quebec for $80 may be sold in the province of SA for up to $200.
In the same era, massage parlors have also emerged.
While prostitution is essentially non-criminal, in the 1980 generation, the federal government has made it a crime to promote prostitution in public.
However, due to the services provided by private escorts and massage parlors, the work continues. Sgt.
Brent Kuy of Saskatoon\'s sub-unit said that by going through the list on the website quickly, such as backpage.
It\'s easy to see the boom in sex trading today.
However, he quickly pointed out that many women in the industry do not necessarily want to engage in the industry.
More often than not, they are just trying to maintain a balance of payments.
\"We have some mothers trying to get school supplies,\" he said . \".
Some people are not only struggling, but also being exploited and even trafficked.
The forces of the two cities are therefore working to meet with women in trade.
Officials respond to linear ads and set \"dates\" to determine who women are, their age, and why they do business.
They also help those in need.
\"Once we investigate, some of them have been used and appropriate allegations have been made,\" Kuemper said . \".
The prostitution market has changed over time, and the laws governing the prostitution market have also changed.
C-bill passed on 2014
36. identify prostitution as a form of sexual exploitation that \"has a proportionate impact on women and girls.
\"The same bill states that it is not illegal to sell only, but only to buy.
That\'s why when McDonald\'s Regina Department meets with sex workers, it\'s able to take what he calls a \"soft approach \".
\"We will basically only talk to them.
\"We are not here to judge them.
\"We\'re not here to tell them what they\'re doing wrong,\" McDonald said . \".
Kuemper has taken a similar approach in Saskatoon units.
\"They just develop relationships with us,\" he said . \"
He felt that once his unit met with these women, they were more likely to surrender to the police if they had a \"bad date\" because they had been abused during the appointment.
In addition, after building trust, women sometimes report to the police their doubts about others who they consider forced to work in the industry or under age.
However, since 2012, Saskatoon has developed a charter governing adult services \"designed to attract sexual desire or inclination \".
The \"adult service licensing charter requires that anyone working in the\" adult service business \"must be licensed, including any person who\" carries out physical friction.
\"It also requires permission from any business that arranges such services.
To obtain a licence, sex workers must meet with the police and provide identity information, including proof of age and inspection of criminal records.
Those who work in cities without a licence will be fined between $250 and $1,000, meaning that sometimes Kui\'s unit approach is a little \"softer\" than their southern counterparts.
The woman who was fined must provide identification, he said.
\"Providing false identity is an obstacle (of justice).
Despite the fine, Kuy said his unit was still able to build trust with these women.
In fact, he believes that once these women are licensed, they may be more willing to stand up in bad circumstances because they have met with the police.
Kuemper also pointed out that the charter allows officers to carry out secret operations in the massage parlor.
\"If these services are provided and are not properly licensed, we can actually close them --
This is a big difference between Saskatoon and Regina.
\"Regina is not one of many cities in Canada that have a license charter.
Finally passed by the City Council.
With regard to this charter, like an escort, McDonald\'s is hesitant about anything that hinders his ability to adopt a \"soft approach.
\"The information we collected was very successful,\" he said . \" He noted that he had interviewed travel escorts who were upset about the way the permit was granted.
McDonald\'s is really valuable in managing Regina\'s massage parlor.
Regina of the Canada Border Service and police at the Saskatoon monitor massage facility to ensure that these women are not illegally trafficked or working in Canada.
\"Everyone can assume what\'s going on in the yard,\" MacDonald said, but sometimes the police don\'t have to assume anything, although declaring themselves police officers when entering.
\"We went in and interrupted what we thought was the deal --
Sex Money, \"he said.
\"I don\'t want to go into the details of it, but it\'s pretty obvious from what we \'ve observed.
In this case, however, there is no common sex workeroperation —
Many people do not want to testify to customers at the risk of livelihood --
No charges were made.
Regina has a sub-district charter that manages \"adult entertainment venues\" within the city, including \"massage parlors \".
The articles of association stipulate that the adult entertainment business cannot be established within 182.
88 m for accommodation, school, day care center or church etc.
In essence, today\'s zoning regulations allow adult massage shops in industrial areas.
The current zoning regulations are not a matter for the city\'s police forces, and Macdonald says his unit has never been asked to help enforce them.
The city had a conversation with the police about the massage parlor.
However, it is not a procedure or a requirement for the deputy police officer to report to the city the activities that took place at the party.
But while the city is considering how to regulate massage parlors, there are growing concerns expressed by some organizations.
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