between the old and the new church

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
The chaotic highway seems to have spilled on the ground of the church.
Spacious parking space for St.
That morning, the Church of George Forland was packed with people, the Holy Mass began, and the church was packed with people.
The work of the new church, which began almost 15 years ago, has entered the final stage, and the sacred date has been determined.
There are workers everywhere, pandas raised, devotees waiting for their new car to be blessed, members of the Church Committee to gather together for a meeting, and in the midst of all this confusion, the chorus\'s soothing music floats.
Hidden in the corner of the church compound is a small and lovely white tile building.
The arched wooden door is locked with steel letters on the wall saying \"Old Church \". AD 593. Museum.
This is a church with a history of more than 14 centuries. it is the oldest Syrian Catholic Church in the state.
Today, after a change in the plan to turn it into a museum, it became a shop, although it was announced on the signboard.
A member of the church development committee carries the key to the ancient church.
He warned us that the interior could be shabby, but it was worth a visit.
The door leads to a moldy, small hall filled with antique art and items for special occasions, such as decorative umbrellas.
In AD 593, when there is no Kochi or Kerala, the church is built by some families and they have to go to the Kottakavu Forane Church in North Paravur before that
The church is facing the West, while the other two-present and new --
The church is built east.
\"In those days, the Arabian sea must have flowed near the church.
The area, known as Ponnekadavu, originated from the gutlemir word \"poni\", meaning a country boat or vallam, as mentioned in Koka Sandesham.
This clearly shows that there is a landing site for a boat near the ancient church.
The road to the famous Edappally Angadi must be there (market)
In the east.
Now, the national highway running in the East actually runs through the huge Angola that once existed.
\"Other churches, one built in AD 1080, and one is new, facing the East,\" said local historian Ravi Kuttikad . \".
At that time, there was a small village, four miles long and two miles wide, which was part of the Prince\'s Kingdom, Elangalloor.
The Catholic congregation of Edappally is small;
Mainly descendants of Hindus, by the Holy.
The Apostle Thomas.
\"The land for the construction of the church was donated by Edappally\'s Raja charity.
Feast for the Holy
George used to have a ritual custom where parish members used to visit Raja or the senior majority of the family with a tray of homemade candy and seek his permission to feast the main character
Then raja will have an elephant go to church with the flag he gave away.
The ceremony has stopped.
Instead, members meet the priest with candy and seek his consent to raise the flag, \"said Kurian Joseph, a senior member of the parish.
A senior parish member believes that the letters on the steps of this landmark church are the scripts of the old Malaysians, reminding the founders and the origins of the family.
The door of the altar and the inside must have been forged by the only Carpenter in the village.
Inside, on the wall, is the board that records the history and growth of Malaysians, churches.
Old casual clothes worn on special occasions can also be seen.
There are also holy wooden figures. Paul and St.
Patrick and a saint. George.
The church was originally built for the Virgin Mary, called St.
The Church of Martha Mariam was later consecrated.
The Church of George, perhaps in St.
George is recognized as the patron saint of England.
George is made of natural colors.
There is also an ancient wooden christening font, the image of a candle holder and a saint.
Varghese Payapilly, a senior parish member, told us: \"We intend to organize the artifacts and put them in the museum space of the new church building . \".
When it was found that the old church was too small to accommodate the growing congregation, a new church was built in the current position of. D. 1080.
The main altar and facade were renovated sometime in the 1970 s.
\"The altar was changed and removed, and it was an old pulpit and a beautiful lamp made of Belgian glass.
The floor made of imported tiles remains the same.
\"Nothing will be removed from here to the new church,\" Kurian Joseph said . \".
Church in the parish of enakuran-
Angamaly now attracts many lovers and tourists.
Well, its water should have healing power, the mud in the church cemetery is thought to allow the new house to be blessed, and providing a cock is all that keeps pilgrims flowing to this church.
Of all this, the most prominent is the ancient chapel where time meets eternity.
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