bmw creates a smokin\' oiler

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-25
Stylish Design: The 30 d Coupe has an excellent look and a driving experience that matches the source: one of the stupidest reasons to buy diesel is to save money.
When you take into account additional showroom costs and potential fuel savings, these numbers don\'t usually add up.
BMW is a good reason to buy diesel. the 330d Coupe.
It doesn\'t feel and sound like diesel, and driving is definitely a pleasure.
Worth $94,700, so the last two
The competitor is Audi A5 coupe 3.
0 TDI, $91,900.
How much cheaper Mercedes Benz C250 coupe ($69,900)
Compared with BMW and Audi, it is more economical but less motivated.
$10,886 more than gasoline-
Powered I, but twice the torque
This makes it almost as easy to understand and pleasant as the $22,550 335i.
Now, three series of coupes come standard with Dakota oysters-
Color leather, voice control, defense
And a better audio system.
There are also many options that greatly increase the fare.
The best way to add an extra kit is to select one of the options packages.
For example, you can save more than 25 dollars with an innovative kit that includes a range of LED features, adaptive headlights, and satellite navigation.
Our car is equipped with a $8900 sports innovation kit, includes interior and exterior M trim, adaptive headlights, satellite navigation with color display, Haman/Caton surround sound system, motion voice control and motion pause.
It has an electric glass skylight ($2920)
And metal paint ($1840 -
15 colors)
This makes the price as high as $108,360-
But $8890 away from the 335i.
The power of BMW turbo diesel is slightly larger than that of Audi, but the fuel consumption is slightly lower (6.
2L/100 km contrast 6. 6)
It takes the same amount of time to reach 100 km/h (6. 1 seconds).
The brake energy regeneration and electric power steering of BMW efficentdynamics can help the economy develop.
Because it is a coupe, the front door is large, which means the seat belt is far behind.
BMW solves this problem with an automatic mechanism that can bring you a belt.
This elegant coupe is designed with all the right proportions.
From all angles, it looks solid and muscular, and the diving roof does not limit the clearance of the rear.
Additional interior options (
Non-smoking bamboo)
Make it six options in all and nine wheel designs, four new, three wheel sizes (17-to 19-inch).
In addition to six airbags and one collision, safety-
Shell resistant, there\'s a row of hi-
Technical primary safety devices, including stability and traction control, turning and dynamic braking control, keep you black and the braking function on cruise control prevents you from speeding up too much on the mountain.
Smooth driving-
As diesel, the running engine is almost impossible to detect, except for the rpm car marked at 4500 rpm.
Even if you lower the window, there is no usual exhaust sound.
It is actually quite fruity.
Turbo diesel, a strong performer from low rpm, combines a fast-responding transmission to handle narrow power bands well.
This makes for a relaxing driving experience that makes you feel calm and collected even under a good clip to support the boat.
Aplomb for all 3 Series (
Except convertible)
The heavier donk in the front does not seem to introduce additional steering deficiencies.
BMW has gone a long way to put torture from its run-
By making subtle changes to the shock absorber valve, flat tires and even its M-motion suspension.
Riding is firm but fair in most cases considering the low priceprofile tyres.
Our test drive, however, took us on those particularly bad roads.
Several times, the coupe hit the bump station with a deafening bang, and when we hit a series of bumps or ripples, the suspension couldn\'t bounce fast enough, to keep the wheels in strong contact with the road.
In addition to some reservations about driving on rough roads, we think this diesel coupe is a real coup.
It doesn\'t sound like diesel, but it accelerates and sips fuel like diesel.
Stylish and safe.
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