building boom opens doors for carpentry business.

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-02
Part of the woodworking workshop.
Companies that provide woodworking services have benefited from the construction boom in Qatar.
Driven by high demand for a variety of products and services including wooden doors, industry insiders said they believe the business will remain good in the coming years.
In the industrial zone, many units offering woodworking services can be found to meet local needs.
The competition between them is fierce, especially in terms of price and quality.
\"It\'s a good market, but we need to offer innovative designs.
Able to meet the needs of different customers
In order to get a good business, \"said Nader Jalal, an Egyptian expat working in a woodworking workshop in the industrial zone.
According to the type of wood, paint and design involved, the price of a single wooden door ranges from QR1, 800 to qr5 000 or
He also noted that most of his clients are locals or contractors who work on their behalf.
\"Female customers often choose a door with a high degree of decoration with modern design and color, and they don\'t care if the cost is high.
\"On the other hand, men often look for simpler and simpler designs, often taking into account costs,\" explains Jalal . \" This shows that he also often gets orders for kitchen cabinets and special decorations from local people.
Carpenters make products such as cabinets and cabinets for those peoplemostly locals -
Specific needs and needsmade designs.
Quite a number of woodworking workshops in Doha have hired professionals to use computer software for decoration and color to produce a variety of designs that can attract customers.
\"We have a catalogue of existing designs and offer them to our customers, but some designs have specific requirements such as special frames and decorations.
Usually, if the villa is for personal use, people tend to spend more money on these villas.
If this is for investment, customers will always choose a more economical option, \"said Abduhameed, a foreign sales representative for a woodworking company.
Most of these businesses are owned and managed by local young people, while carpenters and technicians are usually Asian and Arab, especially Egyptians. Hamad al-
Waleed, the local owner of a woodworking company in the industrial zone, stressed that the industry is already quite old in Qatari society. \"Now we have developed this industry, and many Qataris are willing to invest in this industry, the introduction of high-quality locally made products to meet the design of Qatar.
\"The woodworking workshop located in the industrial area has advanced equipment, many of which also have workers\' residences.
In addition, they have offices in the main business areas of Doha.
\"In order to show our customers what we can offer, I initially sent them images of available designs through social media sites such as WhatsApp and Instagram.
\"We can reach an agreement if we can,\" said Jalal . \".
Sales reps of these companies use different technologies to sell their products and gain more business opportunities.
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