Buy real wood door to prevent the emergence of what mistake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-07
< p > < / p > < p > < p > real wood door in the family plays a very good adornment effect, has plagued consumers buy real wood door, wood door manufacturer to give us the below buy real wood door to prevent the emergence of the traps? < / p > < p > the choice of real wood door style too hasty < / p > < p > if the brand is determined, the choice of wood door style also have knowledge greatly. We often speak of 'appearance', want to know the choice of door but the appearance of your home, not careless. Choosing wooden door in addition to the quality, but also is the use of wooden door function, design and color is harmonious collocation with bedroom style. < / p > < p > bedroom door is the most important is to think about privacy and create a warm atmosphere, thus more type USES the weak and strong sex of pervious to light door; Study door should choose good sound insulation effect, good pervious to light, the design feels stronger type door, can produce the of primitive simplicity and elegant elegant charm; The kitchen should choose waterproof, sealing good door type, in order to effectively block of cooking soot, such as the half of the pervious to light glass door; Toilet door mainly pay attention to privacy and waterproof and other factors, in addition to the need to choose material unique door of completely real wood, also can choose design fashion of the frosted handle half a glass door. < / p > < p > on the other hand, the color of real wood and the color of the soft adornment metope, ground and furniture. Designer Wang Dianfei advice, if you do not have too big hold, you as long as the colour of the door close to a 'big environment', or ground or furniture or decoration, and then distinguish on the details, so make sure not to make mistakes; Another point is that it's better to keep the same color wood, metope and ground, but had better not be exactly the same color, do direction consistent details some of the differences, to prevent the ground with metope confusion, abate bedroom space. < / p > < p > alone define material cross section, < / p > < p > buying wooden door will surely have such experience, into a wooden door store, the sales staff in addition to introducing the characteristic of the wood itself, will also introduce to the customer out of the cross section of wooden door, but according to the personage inside course of study introduces, consumers to buy wood cross section is not alone, because the product right, the customer can't again split wood door up, a lot of real physical use of timber than showing the cross section of discounted, thousands of yuan price in fact only overland yuan material, real wood door is also likely to sell the price, but the inside of the filler is honeycomb paperboard; The second obvious problems is clearly is made of wooden door, shaanxi local has been playing the guangdong door, the door 'appearance' in Beijing. 'Xi 'an have special processing centers, where the door can be made, with the local manufacturing trademark, some businesses will attract consumers, the cover of outside the door and then use outside the door of title higher prices for profiteering! '< / p > < p > the industry, said that when buying a door in addition to shop around, if you don't like filler, weigh in hand grabs weight can be identified; Some businessmen in order to cover up the material, will be surrounded by the door, include all of the bottom sealing paint makes one unable to distinguish from the appearance, and the door of legitimate business all around and the bottom is not painted, Ordinary solid wood stick door purchase price plus freight cost at least one thousand yuan of above, but if the so-called real wood door after yuan, that should be vigilant. < / p > < p > improper measurement can't install < / p > < p > it is understood that the current real wood door industry is a lack of good installation workers, therefore, due to the improper measure caused by common installation problems. According to section the professionals of wooden door, when measuring the door there are several factors to note that the first is the width of the door, because most of the time, metope is not straight, so measuring width must be at least as measured bottom, middle, and top three places, want to take the most narrow that value; Then the thickness of the door, in the same way, because the wall is not straight, so to measure the bottom, middle, and top three position, take the greatest value. If made a mistake or was measured by just one place, it is probably because of 0. 5 cm of the error and can't install, sometimes even hit a wall can be installed. < / p > < p > when measuring the consumers the best in the field, check the number and record the data of the measuring staff, once the size of the measurement of the door, don't close to the door of the wall to make other 'tricks', such as ceramic tile, etc. If you must, must go in the measurement personnel within 24 hours after notification. < / p > < / p >
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