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If you\'re looking for a unique dining experience in YYC, you\'ll want to check out these restaurants with crazy personalities ---
And the delicious food I want to say!
Don\'t miss these hard work-to-
Forget about the restaurants in CalgaryIf if you want to look for a unique dining experience in YYC, you will want to see these restaurants with crazy personality ---
And the delicious food I want to say!
There are more of these institutions. than-
The stylish and sometimes historical buildings they live in make it possible to make an unforgettable atmosphere.
Combined with the unique quality food and drinks offered by each restaurant, you can also have some of the best restaurants in Calgary!
Here are the top six choices that Calgaryism has picked for the most distinctive restaurants: Nash and the cut-off BarThe Nash and the cut-off bar restaurants are not always a hot restaurant
Find fine meats like steak, chicken and lamb in YYC.
Historic National Hotel in Inglewood-
Built in 1907 to accommodate railway workersthe three-
A brick house is owned by. E.
Cross\'s Calgary Brewery, which has been in operation for decades, is the company\'s sales channel for beer, which happens to be produced on the street.
In the end, the National Hotel gained some disgraceful reputation and closed its doors in 1998.
In 2010, it was bought by Ansonia property management and has been renovating its structure since then.
It has been several years since Nash and the owners of the cut-off bar signed a lease in the spring of 2014.
They did a great job of maintaining the historical features of the National Hotel, while incorporating the latest restaurant equipment into its design during the renovation.
You will find one in it.
Concept of Big L
The white-shaped room has a large bumper table at one end, and the high and low tables are distributed throughout the rest of the seating area.
Bar section,. k. a.
Cut off with the look and feel of an old school bar room with pewter
Counter, pressed tin ceiling and wood floor on top, part of which comes with cool mosaic tiles.
This restaurant does have some special features and you have to experience some incredible food in person.
CharbarNext up is Charbar, the most popular local building found in the redeveloped community of East Village, not only because of its delicious food and the address by the river, but also because
Full of personality and life
Where it is
The life we are referring to is the fact that it has Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and Phil and Sebastian coffee bakery next to Chabbar;
You can grab a bite to eat if you like, from quick bagels and coffee to hearty steaks and cocktails, all just a few feet away from RiverWalk.
Simmons Building is one of several warehouses built in pre-built
The first world war era along the Bow River;
It\'s the only one today with the oak wood office (1886 Café)still stand.
Its builder, Alaska bedding, produces bedding and furniture from mattresses and pillows to Chesterfield and other types until it closes forever in 1966.
Today, the Simmons building is completely owned by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC)
He is also responsible for the reconstruction of East Village.
The Simmons Building restoration of McKinley Burkart, an architect firm, left many original features inside, such as 12-
Inch fir beams, solid wood flooring, and red bricks have also added a range of designers
Smart/modern elevators like glass lifts and metal stairs to the roof terrace-
I might add that this is one of the best river views in the city.
This project is tied to the winner of the top project in Alberta ArchitectureCommercial -
Less than $50 million in 2015.
This is a must visit when it comes to character and food.
DivinoDivino, as a local restaurant that has been around for nearly 30 years, his longevity should tell you something about the top of it --
Food selection and overall dining experience.
The place was hit a lot in the 1980s and today still offers some of the original menu items you\'ll see at the time
Black pepper is one of them.
Since 2003, the restaurant has lived in a narrow sandstone building built in 1887, which happens to be the first home of a popular local newspaper, The Calgary Herald.
The building was built with sandstone as a devastating fire spread to the city center in 1886, destroying most of the wooden buildings, after which the City Council issued a mission.
This task requires that all public construction projects must be carried out in the fire --
Material resistance (
Such as sandstone)
To prevent such incidents in the future.
As the sandstone is easily accessible and mined from the riverbank of the Bow River, it becomes the preferred material.
Walk inside Divino and you will find a middle
Set up the open kitchen to divide the interior into smaller, more private dining areas.
The kitchen is good at offering a variety of dishes of different tastes, including those from Italy, France and of course Canada.
For dishes like lobster canned, duck candy melted, the quality of the dishes like the pot and the nature of the food
To give a few examples of grilled big hali fish, you really can\'t go wrong with the price, which tends to stay above the age of 20.
Divino is a Calgary restaurant that will not disappoint in terms of atmosphere and food!
Justin holejustin Leboe\'s pihole is not only in Calgary, but also makes a huge entrance to the new restaurant scene, but across the country, as food and beverage agencies managed to rank 1st in total on Air Canada\'s list of the best new restaurants in Canada in 2015!
But it\'s interesting because Leboe\'s first restaurant was called Model Milk-
Right next to the pigeon cage.
When he first opened in 2012, he was ranked 2nd on the route, and he was a partner.
Owner and chef (as of 2015).
However, the place is not like all the other restaurants on the list, in some crazy old historic buildings.
It\'s from an amazing 68-
Interior decoration, green marble table, pressed-
Tin ceiling tiles and other special extras such as smooth leather chairs and banquets.
The recycling crown logo in Victoria is an unforgettable feature (
Former tenants)
, The word pihole shown in pink neon lights is above the old black-and-white logo.
As it happens, this is perfect as the sign of the pigeon hole has a pigeon that has its own Victorian crown!
There are a variety of snacks, such as wild sockeye salmon crudo, Hubbard crispy skin and Russian caviar services, as well as a wide range of wine lists. in-
Featuring interiors with pigeon holes, create an exciting dining experience every time.
When it comes to reputation, few YYC restaurants have more stories to tell than Rodney\'s Oyster House.
The whole idea of this top
The Notch seafood restaurant is derived from oysters and a large number of other marine delicacies provided over the past 36 years. E. I.
Residents of downtown Toronto.
Not long ago, the second Rodney Hotel opened around the corner of Calgary\'s 10 th Avenue and 4 th Street SW, a historic building originally built in 1907 and used as a warehouse for American agricultural manufacturers
Since then, the building has been expanded twice in 1930s and 50, as well as multiple owners, but none of them like high
Double ceiling
Indoor floors like Rodney.
Inside you will notice a large skylight and a classic white interior from top to bottom with some cool sailing-
Subject add-ons, such as mesh glass floating above the bar and portholes, serve as a window to the front door.
Nice bar too, 8
Tons of obelisk and large Rolling Stones from the exchshaw quarry.
Apparently rock.
When it\'s full of ice
Keep it cold for hours, which helps seafood specialty restaurants like Rodney keep fresh oysters properly frozen.
The Rodney restaurant has a lot of features and a great menu;
For seafood lovers and those who like to eat out in an unforgettable setting, this is a real paradise.
The RistoranteFew restaurant in Calgary has the same historical charm and features as the Ristorante restaurant.
Founded in 1911, the TD Bank building is a four-seat building.
The story\'s sandstone and marble structures cover the look of the Terracotta Warriors and the interiors are impressive classical buildings
Interior style with high ceilings.
The value of this building lies in its beauty.
Artistic architecture and location of one of Calgary\'s oldest downtown street views-Stephen Avenue.
In addition, its patio is partially backed by one of the most vibrant park areas in the city center --Olympic Plaza.
In addition to the building, the building is historic as one of the first national banks to expand westward and open in Alberta
World War I era
Matching one of Calgary\'s most historic restaurants is the city\'s best Mediterranean cuisine.
Teatro\'s selection of snacks, pasta and meat entrees is deeply rooted in Italian tradition, which makes it difficult for you to choose exactly what to eat for lunch or dinner. It\'s massive (and award-winning)
The choice of wine ensures that you can choose a chardonnay to match the fleshy fish, or choose a style of Cabernet Sauvignon to match the pasta.
In the past 20 years, Teatro\'s reputation has been surpassed by its
Delicious food, charming venue with a long history and overall high
End the dining experience that brings the locals back again and again. Join Us!
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