car crashes down stairs of strathcona hotel nightclub

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-17
An out-of-
A control car shoots on Victoria\'s busiest downtown street on Thursday night, skipping the sidewalk curb and quickly crossing the entrance to the nightclubof-
On Thursday night, a control car shot on the busiest downtown street in Victoria, skipping the sidewalk and quickly crossing the entrance to the nightclub --
No one was injured, including the driver.
The accident happened before 6: 00 in the evening. m.
At the Distrikt nightclub in the basement of stracona hotel. Sgt.
Glen Wilmette ran to the phone and came out of the car and had to look for a crash.
Then he saw the tail light of the Black ac song, flush with the Street of the club --level doors.
Witnesses said the east-bound car was on Courtney Street, which shot at four lanes on Douglas Street, forcing pedestrians to jump out of the lane.
\"We have two witnesses who say that when the vehicle is met, there are pedestrians crossing the road and almost hit it,\" Vermette said . \".
Then the car went through the nightclub double.
Door entrance and downstairs.
Terry Friesen, general manager of the stracona hotel, said he was happy that no staff or customers were injured.
\"I\'m glad to hear that the driver is okay,\" Friesen said . \" He added: \"I was trying to figure it out on my way [here]
How this happened.
Police suspect 63-year-
The physical condition of the old male driver led to a car accident.
Alcohol is not a factor.
The driver was removed from the vehicle, \"no apparent injuries\" and sent to the Royal Jubilee Hospital for assessment, police said.
The scene of a car being swallowed up by the nightclub door attracted a group of people who took pictures and filmed videos with their mobile phones.
Vermette was surprised to find that when the car went through the driveway and the busy sidewalk, or the metal arm rest of the nightclub, no one was injured and it was blocked by the car and passed through the room.
\"If someone is there, it can be very dangerous or even fatal,\" Vermette said . \".
He said the building had significant structural damage and was currently being inspected by city and fire officials.
A performance scheduled for late Thursday by DJ Excision will be on schedule, despite the use of another entrance.
Ed Wright and sister Jay Wright were shocked when they heard the crash in a sticky wicket restaurant and bar.
\"The stairs start to shake,\" said Ed Wright . \".
\"The police response is immediate,\" said Jay Wright . \".
\"They blocked the road and ran in.
They jumped out of the car.
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