Caring for Your Wood Doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-05-04
Wood is something that you should take good care of as it is not indestructible. The better care you take of your wood doors, the longer they will be able to last. Wood has the ability to absorb and lose moisture, and in various conditions this can cause wood to warp or split. This is why doors should be given the right coatings or treatments, and certain areas should be given attention. When wood absorbs too much moisture, it can expand, thus making doors difficult to open and close. If they lose too much moisture, it can shrink down and leave gaps where you don't want there to be. In both cases, you may end up seeing extreme issues like warping and cracking. The right environment and the right treatment can help give wood the longer life you need it to have. If you intend to get a brand new door, you should talk to the manufacturer about the kind of environment you live in (for example, are you near the ocean or do you live in a drier, desert-like area?) and what kind of finishes or coatings they can give the wood to protect it. Manufacturers should be well-versed in how to care for the wood doors they make and be able to let you know about everything they intend to do as well as anything you can do to help. Sometimes people want to finish their doors themselves, and this means getting a wooden door that still needs to be trimmed or sanded, as well as protected. If you do get a wooden door, you should finish every single side of the door within 14 days of receiving it. Doors and the wood they are made from are handled in a more controlled environment than a residential home where temperatures and moisture levels can fluctuate more. After you do any trimming or sanding, you should immediately seal and finish those areas once you are done to help prevent moisture loss or absorption. If you have a painted door, you may notice times where you can see the wood coloring around the 'seams' or joints of the door. This is due to the wood's movement from moisture loss or absorption and may require a fresh coating of paint. Be sure to choose the right paint - a little added protection for your door can go a long way. Some things to think about are where you intend to install your door as well as what your moisture levels are inside and outside of your home. What will your door be exposed to? If it is exposed directly to the elements or a lot of direct sunlight, then wood may not be the best choice for your door.
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