carlow boss rubbishes two-tier championship talk

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-16
Carlow manager Turlough O\'Brien believes that last summer\'s championship fight with Dublin helped his team get a promotion, and he denies the possibility of the two.
O\'Brien\'s team was promoted in last week\'s victory over Wicklow, which guaranteed their Third Division status next season.
Sunday\'s defeat to is ended their league record of 100% this season, but aubrien\'s team has made significant progress this season, thanks in part to the experience of last year\'s champions.
O\'Brien thinks last year\'s Leinster quarter
The final defeat at ormore Park to Dublin was an important learning experience for his team and he wanted to continue testing his team against the best team in the country, when he turned down the idea of a couple
Carlow will benefit from the level tournament.
On the RT égaa podcast, the owner of Carlow said: \"Before we played Dublin at ormore Park last year, I talked to James Holland and we were actually talking about this.
\"With a two-tier system, you can take away our days at ormore Park, and you can take away our days.
We like that day and see what happens that day.
\"We build on this, we grow as a nation, we grow as a team, we grow.
\"There are a lot of suggestions about changing tournaments and creating new structures, and it seems that we always consider exceptions to creating rules in GAA and doing things in a complex way.
\"It\'s easy for me, you have either a league or a knock on the door
In terms of competition and back doors or front doors, floors and all the other things, to be honest, I think you will eventually shed tears!
\"If there is a change in the competitive structure, O\'Brien believes that these changes will have to take into account the club, and he believes that moving the league to the summer and running with the simplified tournament will be good for both the club and the county.
\"Keep it simple,\" he suggested . \"
\"Due to such an important verbal commitment from uacharnes and the director general to the club, we cannot continue to increase Inter\'s competition --
County show and said we will take care of the club as well.
\"It seems to me that it needs to be thoroughly rethought, maybe thinking about bringing the league into the summer and in the summer league you will double the league because the league is a wonderful game, at the same time in the competition
Out of the Championship
\"I think you will get the best of both worlds, you will have a condensed season and you will have time to attend the club\'s schedule.
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