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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-04
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 19/11/2010 (3131 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
The beginning is fig, put on the plate, hide under the poolside table.
The title under the photo in the home design catalogue urges readers to \"enjoy the comfort and comfort of indoor entertainment brought by outdoor parts, pillows and accessories.
But Molly Edman saw something else.
Well, she saw an opportunity to make fun of something. . .
A little ridiculous.
On last June, the actor/comedian sat in front of her computer and wrote his own description.
\"Dear,\" it said, \"the Turner family is here at any time now!
Did you put the fig plate under the table?
And her blog, directory life (was born.
Edman does not necessarily intend to make a daily parody of people who are sometimes serious and overinvested.
Common nature of photos from high-
Catalogue of household goods.
She began working as a comedian in the second city of Chicago and moved to Los Angeles three years ago to work in acting and writing.
You may recognize her as \"wife on a minivan\" from a series of popular TV commercials at the Sonic chain restaurant \".
However, one night, after she wrote the title \"fig\", she showed it to her boyfriend. He laughed.
She then wrote more subtitles, which her comedian friends also thought were interesting.
She realized what she was doing.
As her blog entries multiply, they are starting to draw attention from Facebook fans and people in the design space.
\"I have received a lot of emails from catalogue photographers and art directors,\" she said . \".
\"They said, \'We always think that what we do is ridiculous.
\"It seems that no one is responsible for arranging 30 apples on a table.
\"This is a reference to some of the fruit or other objects that appear in strange places in some catalog photos.
One of Edman\'s favorite works is to show a rowing boat full of pillows on the dock.
Her description is: \"At the end of her yearof-
At the seasonal ceremony, Elaine sent the outdated summer mat to the seaside.
\"A website like this is not the only one.
Another hipster called unhappiness: lonely in the modern world (
The creators of the site prefer to remain anonymous and do not respond to emails asking for an interview.
That website is slightly different --
Maybe darker.
Feel like the title focuses only on the photos of Dwell magazine.
For example, there is a photo of a man looking for stacked storage containers on Unhappy Hipsters: \"One day he will remember which cabin has his sister;
Until then, her harsh cries interrupted his practice time.
Another old man, sitting in the modern family library with stones placed next to the table, wrote: \"A stable rock diet and reading almost reversed the curse of aging.
\"Earlier this year
Before Edman started her website)
Christopher Hawthorne, the Los Angeles Times building critic, called the hipster site \"the most popular site\"
In recent memory, the serious world of architecture and design, not to mention a pocket of ironic warmth in the middle of damp, recession, earthquakes --
Martha corkley winter
\"Does the recession really make people a little grumpy about high inflation? end design?
This is possible, of course.
But Gail Shannon, a designer at Fort Worth, Texas, believes that every trend has rebounded.
Maybe fashion is no longer fashion.
\"The positive side of this phenomenon is attractive, smooth and good
Designed products are affordable and available to everyone, \"says Shannon, who is also an assistant professor in the department of design, sales and textile at the Christian University of Texas.
\"The disadvantage is that living according to the designer\'s lifestyle will also have a short aesthetic feeling --
Hope to have the latest mobile devices, TV, kitchen equipment and give up the perfect function to meet the new needs.
\"Fashion integration has become very attractive, and integration is a big goal of irony.
\"So, yes, she thinks these sites are interesting, too.
So do many others.
Julie Roller, a directory life enthusiast at Wamego, Kansas, was surprised by erman\'s ability to \"let\'s stop and start over\"
Evaluate something as simple as a catalog.
\"She checks the website every morning after reading the news on the internet. she compares humor to the TV series\" Song Fei Chuan \".
\"I don\'t know enough about Gary, Elaine and their quirky lives! \" she says.
Gary and Elaine are the main fictional characters in Edman\'s blog.
They may be in their 40 s, she said.
They don\'t seem to have a job, they are very rich and have a \"ridiculous 1,000-
The House of the room . \"
\"Gary was a bit like a clumsy fool, Elaine put his hand on his hips and kept telling him what to do.
\"For me, they are the people who live in the Pottery Barn,\" she said with a smile . \".
Gary and Elaine also celebrate the festival.
A recent catalog life entry has a neat photo
Include the \"deck Hall\" to-do list as one of the things to do.
\"Oh, that\'s not all the festive spirit.
The hall is next to us. Door neighbor.
\"She said she would keep blogging as long as she had ideas.
There must be enough material there.
\"I \'ve done a lot of things in my 15 years as an actor and writer, and it\'s purely for fun --
This is the most concerned thing, \"she said.
\"This is a good lesson in life: doing something to entertain you.
\"I think people can see that I like to do this. \"—
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