catherine masters: gentle on the landscape

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-12
Andrew Tremain and Karena Way live on the waterfront of the house next door until Karena loudly thinks they can build a house there.
Andrew was not sure, but went to check with Parliament.
The couple started working when the resources agreed to pass.
They all designed the house and put a lot of effort into it-there were glass walls, parquet floors, different angles and stairs that led to a bedroom looking at the water, there are more stairs to the other bedroom, and the corner window of the bedroom is just open, giving you a feeling of being on the bow.
\"Our vision is to solve some of the problems in the bush and solve the problems with the water,\" Andrew said . \".
The house is located on a tree and is about to blossom tons of pohuukawas.
The double entrance doors let the air flood into what Andrew calls the studio floor.
Although there is also a separate studio
Take more stairs along the hallway and you can get to the living level with kitchen and lounge with deck.
The tilted windows are not designed for the look, Andrew says, but for the feeling when you are inside.
\"It brought in the bushes and lights instead of trying to get too big, too square.
It\'s like you\'re almost going to walk from the outside to another place, but you\'re protected.
\"Karena designed the upstairs bedroom, which is above the tree line with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea and a corner balcony.
\"You just put the chair in and put your feet on the side,\" Andrew said . \".
Because the couple doesn\'t want to be restricted in the design, there is no compliance code for the property.
The Hobsonville and Greenhithe bridges are just opposite the water.
The ferry to the beach Port Pier passes the same way as the party boat.
There is a row of \"penant\" windows on the wall of the upstairs bedroom, an idea borrowed from a small yacht club on the water with a penant flag painted on it, \"So I think what we\'re doing is borrowing from the environment \".
Here you can hear the sound of water, sleep with the windows open and let the sea breeze in.
On the main living level, you will also find the tiled bathroom, which brings the marine theme, with a colorful mosaic around the drain pipe made from smooth glass debris from the beach.
There is also a dressing room which means you can keep the bedroom clean.
The lower bedroom is Andrew\'s bow design and even the ceiling is gently bent.
The studio also has a view of the sea and is available for guests, it has a ladder to pull down to a room that can be used for yoga or reading.
The couple loved the house and realized they might never have such a special sea view again, but Andrew said they moved back to the city a few years ago so it was time to sell it.
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