cellini furniture opens centre in kulaijaya

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
Kulajaya: Cellini, a leader in the region\'s modern and modern furniture market, opens the door at kulajaya for promising lifestyle furniture that meets any family\'s dream home life.
Located in Kulai Jaya, Aeon Mall, the store now showcases their latest compact furniture design collection to maximize living space.
In addition, the approximately square foot store displays the collection of living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms in Cherney, while providing space layout consultation, relevant brands such as Eisendort also provide services for custom wardrobes and kitchen equipment.
\"As a leading regional furniture retailer, we want to create a unique shopping experience by providing lifestyle furniture of various materials (such as metal, solid wood, etc. ) to meet individual needs, cherney Design Center (Malaysia)
Sdn Bhd and Cherney Design Center (Singapore)
Ong, national marketing manager, Private Limited.
\"As a fully integrated furniture manufacturer and retailer, we have the upper hand in meeting the specific needs and requirements of our customers.
\"We also attach great importance to personal sales, customer satisfaction and affordable prices for our customers,\" he said . \".
With the launch of Aeon Mall Kulaijaya\'s new store, cherini will offer a limited-deal family package of 888 yuan including the living room, with bedding and dining rooms.
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