character building a former convent

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-11
The monastery, built in the 1950 s, later became the home of legal practice
As part of the final £ 2017 property auction at bayleys, the iconic Papakura building will be auctioned.
296sq M, 2-
Level building, in a big (1012sq m)
The site, located at 53 Wood Street, is sold through Rod sad and Peter migonov of Bellis South Auckland and is vacant.
Unless sold in advance, it will be auctioned on December 6.
\"Built in 1955, it is the Monastery of the nuns of St. Mary\'s Catholic Church, and there are only three owners of the property --
This unique building provides them with good service, \"said the sad.
\"It has been owned and occupied by Papakura law firm Warren Simpson since 1984 and is now on sale as president Warren Simpson is about to retire and end his practice.
\"There are two magnificent buildings in this building.
Horizontal frontage to Wood St, a major residential and commercial trunk line in central Papakura and two single storey heights
The back is a bolt wing.
The current owner has carried out good maintenance and renovation of it according to the original features.
\"There are also two storage sheds and a large courtyard area that is entered through the electric door of Wood St, which provides off-
Street parking is provided to customers and staff and rear access to the building is allowed.
\"This is part of the site that is not fully utilized and has the potential for further development,\" Grieve said . \".
The property will appeal to the owner-occupiers, add-
Given its flexible business, value investors and developers
Allows mixed use zoning for various commercial and residential uses.
\"We have received inquiries from parties interested in using the building as a restaurant, cafe, professional office and residential premises, as well as from developers attracted by the potential of its residential development.
\"Migounoff said the hotel is located in a popular location in the CBD, schools and one of Auckland\'s busiest train stations, providing daily service to the UK Transportation Center.
\"This part of Papakura was developed in the 1950 s and mixed commercial and residential buildings throughout the site.
Many of them were subsequently crossed
Rental and subdivision, there are a few more
\"The same is true for unit development, which is one of the larger sites with a decreasing number,\" Migounoff said . \".
\"This is also a prominent elevated venue that provides a great deal of profiles for the hotel, meaning that the building is a local landmark and offers a good chance of branding and signage.
Warren Simpson says there are a lot of rooms in buildings like monasteries.
8 Upstairs Downstairs-
About 50 doors
\"The nuns lived in the monastery for not a century --too-
A simple setting to serve the people of Franklin and Papakura and teach at St. Mary\'s School.
The building was originally built in a simple setting with wooden floors, lots of frosted glass for the privacy of the nun, and nothing to decorate.
\"When my company took over the property from a development company. . .
\"We replaced the frosted glass with a lead light and enhanced the gorgeous windows through external and internal wooden blinds,\" Simpson said . \".
\"We also replaced many doors and their accessories with our own design.
All these improvements are made to make the building look more beautiful and stylish.
\"We have also made more than 30 enhancements to the front and deck of the building, including the addition of 12 reinforced pillars and night floodlighting.
\"A range of modern security features has also been added.
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