Characteristics of Chinese classical original wooden door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-03
Chinese-style log doors and windows have Chinese characteristics and cultural heritage, and are more and more popular with consumers. What are the characteristics of Chinese-style log doors and windows? Strict proportional relationship is the basis of door and window modeling. The proportion of local and local parts of Chinese wooden doors and windows, and the proportion of decoration and overall form are extremely symmetrical and coordinated, which conforms to the aesthetic view of Chinese classical culture. The length, thickness, width and height of each component, and the high and low positions between the components make people feel that the lines are tall and beautiful, rigid and soft, stiff but not stiff, soft and not weak. Showing the beauty of conciseness, simplicity, elegance and generosity. The structure is rigorous and the workmanship is fine. Very scientific. Use the edge on the production ( The thin core plate is inserted into the four-sided frame with a belt, and the four corners are cut with a cut angle. Not only can the shrinkage of wood be controlled. And also plays a decorative role) Such as the practice, do not use nails less glue, to avoid the impact of natural conditions wet or dry on the quality of the product. In the contemporary imitation wooden doors and windows, the traditional Mao Hua structure has been greatly simplified on the premise of not losing its appearance characteristics. The decoration is moderate, and the decoration of Chinese wooden doors and windows is suitable. It can be said that there are many kinds. Carving, engraving, inlaying, tracing. It's all useful. Decorative materials are also widely used, such as metal, bamboo, stone, etc. According to the overall requirements. Make appropriate local decoration. Although decorated, but on the whole. Still do not lose the simplicity and delicate nature. Is suitable for decent. Icing on the cake. The wood is hard, the texture is beautiful, and the natural beauty of the wood itself is fully utilized. This is another outstanding feature of Chinese wooden doors and windows. Ming-style wooden doors are mostly made of Huanghua pear, Rosewood, chicken wing wood, etc. These high-grade hardwoods all have the natural beauty of tone and texture. When the craftsmen were making it. In addition to fine work. At the same time, no lacquer. No large area decoration. Make full use of the color and texture of the wood itself. Form a unique aesthetic taste and have their own unique style. Modern imitation wood doors and windows are mostly dyed with hardwood.
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