Characteristics of wooden doors of various styles

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-28

Gothic style

Gothic style is represented by spire. wooden door is a double-opening spire with a very layered surface, the simple pattern is very refreshing. For this wooden door , it not only represents the master'Plum blossom' The shape of the wooden door has been treated with three layers. From the side, it looks very layered and dazzling. It is of high standard for design and manufacturing process.

Versailles style

Versailles is a classical style building with neat outline, solemnity and majesty. It is called the representative of rational beauty. It has a completely different style from Chinese classical and royal gardens. The wooden doors of Versailles series are all made by artificial carving and 24K gold tracing. The appearance gives people a magnificent and spectacular feeling and is magnificent everywhere, highlighting the luxury and richness of Versailles series.

Victorian style

Victorian style gives me the feeling that it is soft and complicated, and there are many female curves. For wooden doors, the basic principle is that there are arc elements. The most typical is the following style. There are many similar styles on the market, and there are many carvings. It is recommended not to choose extra carving decoration, because the wooden door is matched with the decoration of the overall environment, it is best to feel a little, but don't take the lead, so that the overall match is tasteful. For a wider door, choose double opening to keep the shape of the big circle in the middle of the door.

modern American style

modern American style is characterized by simplicity and brightness, no extra decoration, but not without details, various decorative elements still have the shadow of traditional European style. The modern American style is characterized by simplicity and brightness, no redundant decoration, but it is not without details, and various decorative elements still have the shadow of traditional European style.

Italian neo-classical

Italian neo-classical series doors blend the essence of modern and classical cultural characteristics, with white as the main tone and small-area wood carvings as embellishments, simple, elegant, the pursuit of fashion and romantic life. Its melodious charm brings people a quiet and comfortable feeling, coupled with the careful creation of details, reflecting the aesthetic feelings of perfectionism. Become the favorite of the younger generation to pursue fashion and taste.

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