cheap diy halloween decorations: how to turn your front door into a monster

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-15
Prepare for the trick or processor by turning your front door into a monster face.
Depending on how you feel in October 31, these smart little pieces can be customized
Weird, stupid or terrible.
Just a few cards, a little imagination, a lot of cutting and the last tape.
So even if you\'re a hand-made newbie, you can piece together something along an impressive route to get your Halloween party rolling.
You need: 1 for a door. 11pCard = 85p (£1.
Asda 20 70 sheets)
Permanent Mark = 16 p (£1.
12 packs of B & M 99)
Double sided tape = 10 p (
10 m 2 from Asda)
Design Step 1 above you need to cut the following: two large white circles, two small green circles, two black apostrophe shapes, two smaller white apostrophe shapes, eight rectangles cut on a white card, two black and half-month shapes, a red boarder is almost the whole center by cutting a red card, made around the corner and in the shape of two jagged orange \"eye masks.
You also need a whole pink card.
Step 2 for eyes, take two small green circles and connect to a larger white circle using double circlessided tape.
Fix the small shape of the white apostrophe on the top of these small circles.
Finally add two black half-month shapes to create the eyelids.
Step 3, cut some jagged edges into eight white rectangles to make them look like teeth.
Then divide them into two rows on a pink background.
Finally, use the tape to add a red profile to the top and bypass the pink corners to match the shape of the red card.
Step 4 to assemble, use double eyes to stick two eyes to the center of the front door
Double sided tape, arrange the eyebrows down.
Then stick it on the two black apostrophe shapes you want your nose and finish with your mouth in the middle and bottom.
These shapes are just a guide where you can do interesting experiments with your monster\'s face.
The cyclops look great too, for example, if you just cut a big eye in the center, and if you arrange them with pointed teeth, so do the dinosaurs, cut some small eyes.
There are a lot of ways to save money on Halloween this year, and making your own decorations is the most interesting and easy way.
Just use the items lying at home to create the perfect atmosphere-
Do not destroy the bank.
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