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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-15
Boutique hotels are too expensive, but in Nimman, Chiang Mai, they bring both charm and value for money.
Lying on the recliner outside my room surrounded by lush green trees
Inspired by the furniture, the soothing sound of the water in the pool, I patted myself on the back again as I found this in Nimman.
This is a gem of a boutique hotel located in Chiang Mai Culture City, Thailand.
I like the boutique hotel.
Compared to hotel chains, boutique hotels stand out in a variety of themes and personal styles.
They are all unique, and of course they exude individuality.
Boutique hotels are usually small and unique hotels, not necessarily luxurious, but the increasing demand for this type of accommodation has led to the trend of international hotel chains.
Don\'t get me wrong.
I am not against the fact that large chains offer their own version of boutique accommodation.
In fact, it\'s great because it means that smaller boutique hotels have to strengthen their game.
The downside is that boutique accommodation has now become synonymous with luxury goods and therefore becomes more expensive.
Of course, I am very happy to find a charming nine
The boutique hotel offers comfort and individuality at no expensive price.
Just 10 minutes\' drive from the airport, Nimman is located in the fashion area of Nimman Haiming, with art galleries, boutiques, fashion restaurants and fashion bars.
Although it is not a flash in Neiman, it exudes artistic elegance.
Its interior is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Himalayan region, decorated with wooden artwork, water views and rich Thai fabrics.
A lower-level art gallery featuring the work of local artists reinforces this sense of art.
When a man climbed up the refurbished old staircase to the lobby courtyard, he couldn\'t help but marvel at how much love was in the restoration process.
Modern materials are intertwined with old materials, providing a contemporary feel in an absolutely traditional environment.
I was fascinated by the courtyard as it seemed to have been designed around trees sticking out of the wood floor.
Beautiful gardens and solid wood benches with Thai cushions are placed around the courtyard, creating a peaceful garden hideaway.
A layer of stacked water flowing out of a characteristic wall into a small rectangular swimming pool nearby adds a pleasant atmosphere.
When we first arrived, our host, Bell, greeted us warmly at the reception.
Because we were very early, when Bell tried to speed up the process of preparing the room, she took us into a waiting room.
I think the DVD collection in the waiting lounge is really rich.
The Dvd and cd are stacked against the wall!
Guests can borrow any guest room in the hotel.
Our room was ready before we knew it-the bedroom door leads to the pool!
The Nimman hotel has nine spacious rooms, each of which is uniquely designed and elegantly decorated.
This is a small detail that makes the room special, from the choice of hanging lights to the lovely smell of aromatherapy and Hi-
Fi is set up when you enter the room.
There are many facilities in the guest room, and modern facilities are available.
Star hotels-cable TV, DVD player
Free wireless Internet access
Room safe, iron, coffee, tea, etc.
Don\'t forget the amazing dvd and cd collections you can borrow.
Breakfast is free and guests have two options-a hearty American breakfast or a traditional northern Thai breakfast if you want to taste local cuisine.
Their restaurant and bar were temporarily closed during our stay, so breakfast was ordered from local suppliers and restaurants in the area.
If you like to take risks, I highly recommend you to visit Chiang Mai using the hotel\'s bike.
The terrain of the town is very flat and easy to navigate.
The only thing you need to pay attention to is traffic, which can be a bit crazy.
I enjoyed my stay here, mainly because of the quiet environment and good service attitude, especially the service of Bell.
She is always ready to help with any information or help with booking and shipping.
I have never seen her smile.
This is a real Thai treat for you.
If you are looking for a boutique hotel with a grade and style but also a personal style, then this place is perfect for you.
At 37 Nimman Hermione Road, No. 9, Hermione Lane, sutpuniman, Muang Distict, Chiang Mai, 50200 Tel: 66 (0)
5322 of 4949mm atnimancm @ hotmail.
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