chicago cop kills student & 55yo woman in response to domestic disturbance

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-03
The police received a call from a man named Antonio legrell who said his son seemed a little \"excited\" and had been trying to open the door to his bedroom in the middle of the night.
But a neighbor said the teenager had held a metal baseball bat.
The police confirmed in a statement that \"upon arrival, the police officer encountered a fighting theme that resulted in the release of the police officer\'s weapons and the death of two people . \" But the police officer\'s name was not disclosed.
Authorities say the matter is still under investigation.
The second victim is 55. year-
According to her cousin, old neighbor Betty Jones has been celebrating Christmas with more than a dozen family members, and she was \"in the door \".
Jones was reportedly asked to pay close attention to the arrival of the police.
The sad family wanted to know \"how could you shoot from the door \".
According to Reuters, there is a bullet hole in the wooden door, but the details of the incident are still unclear.
\"You call for help and you lose someone who has to stop,\" said Janet Cooksey, Legrier\'s mother . \".
She told local TV station WLS
Television says her son is \"in poor mental condition\" and sometimes \"loud but not violent \".
Antonio confirmed his son had emotional problems, according to The Associated Press, but said it did not mean he would be shot.
Ahead of the incident, a round of protests against police brutality took place in Chicago, with more and more demonstrators demanding the resignation of Mayor Ram Emanuel and an investigation into his government.
Hundreds of people gathered on the streets of the city, claiming that the police were not protecting civilians, but killing them.
During the protests, a Chicago police chief was forced to resign, and the mayor set up a special police accountability working group to review police actions.
Carl dikes of the American Revolutionary Communist Party told RT that the latest incident was another case in which police crossed the border.
\"Said they met an armed man so they had to shoot . . . . . . A bystander!
It doesn\'t make sense, \"said dikes.
He insisted that in a normal society, trained law enforcement officers should know how to deal with suspects holding baseball bats without killing suspects.
\"But in this society, the police will kill such people and then they will get the benefit of doubt when the problem is raised,\" he added . \".
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