Children's room decoration Runcheng original wooden door has a coup

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-02
The decoration of children's rooms, how to choose color matching, how to choose furniture and how to consider safety issues have gradually become important issues for parents to consider when decorating children's rooms at home. The decoration of children's rooms should not be too old-fashioned, the color can't be too low, which reduces the children's thinking development, but the decoration design parents at the level of children have no way to start. Health, environmental protection and environmental protection are the primary considerations for children's room decoration, and children's room doors are no exception. If the door environmental protection is not up to standard and contains a large amount of formaldehyde, it will do great harm to adults, let alone children? For the use of environmentally friendly original wooden doors, children can grow up healthily in the process of life. Children's resistance is very low, especially for harmful chemicals, a little careless, it will cause various health problems. Safety is the second point to be considered in the decoration of children's rooms. For example, some furniture with water chestnut is mainly paid attention to. When children play in the room, it is easy to touch the hands and feet or the head because of inattention. Try to avoid using such furniture. If you use it, you must use some soft rubber protective strips to wrap the edges and corners, when choosing the original wooden door or furniture in the children's room, it is also necessary to pay attention to the anti-scratch and anti-scratch performance of the furniture, which will avoid the scars caused by the naughty children. Sound insulation effect the sound insulation performance will greatly affect the healthy sleep of children, and the sound insulation effect will greatly improve the quality of children both in study and sleep. The overall beauty of the decoration house decoration, the choice of various interior doors should take into account the beauty and unity of the decoration, the children's room is especially important, the child will be very sensitive to some colors, the decorative shape also makes the child grow up lively and helps to develop.
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