Chongqing Guansen Longsheng wooden door professional production: set door, interior door, composite solid wood door, invites investment...

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-08

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8 reasons to choose Guansen Longsheng

Not every wooden door brand, it is called Guansen Longsheng!

01 Industry's top equipment and production process Guansen Longsheng wooden door adopts the most advanced wooden door production equipment in the world and the mainstream product technology of the current European and American residential door market. 02 Super standard specifications to create a good door to do the door as a person, be kind. At present, the thickness of the door leaf of the wooden door products is generally 36, 38, 40MM (the national standard is 40MM) and other specifications. The basic thickness of the door leaf of Guansen Longsheng is set to 42mm. This thickness is defined by the industry as “golden thickness”; the solid wood door is the surface. The high-grade craftsmanship of precious veneer, the thickness of the general wooden door veneer is only 20-30 filaments, and the thickness of the veneer of Guansen Longsheng wooden door is 60 filaments. 03 Choosing Daya EO grade board to ensure environmental protection Today, the basic materials used are environmentally friendly, which has become one of the important standards for people to buy wooden doors. Guansen Longsheng wooden doors eliminate urea-formaldehyde glue in the production process, and Guansen Longsheng wooden doors are pure solid wood cores. It is based on the 100% original solid wood of Guangxi, the largest Chinese fir tree land in China. The base plate is made of Da Ya Plate (All Friends Furniture, Shengxiang Floor Selection Plate), the environmental protection standard has reached the European EO standard, and the formaldehyde content is close to zero far below the national standard (national standard 1.5mg/L). 04 Hand in hand Dabao paint to ensure The high-quality environmentally-friendly paint of lacquer surface is the later process of processing in the wooden door factory, and it is the most technical operation in the whole wooden door making process. The wooden door of Guansen Longsheng wooden door is made of Dabao paint with “quality without borders” as a quality product.

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