Choose indoor door basically see what aspects?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-06
< p > < / p > < p > < p > very many different kinds of interior door, wooden door is becoming more and more popular with consumers, wooden door manufacturers choose to share with you today indoor door basically see what respect? < / p > < p > 1, the quality < / p > < p > the stand or fall of wood door manufacturing process directly affects the service life of the door, wooden door to use after a period of time, generally tend to be susceptible to deformation, cracking and other phenomena, thus reducing the sound insulation effect, sealing and the performance of the door. Craftsmanship guaranteed wooden door, therefore, for its lumber moisture content is low, and not easy to be out of shape, craze. The sound insulation effect depends on the door of wooden door in the process of materials and the processing of detail, because the door of the sound insulation performance is achieved by reducing the air flow, therefore, the higher the density of the door, the more heavy weight, sound insulation effect is better. < / p > < p > besides itself, the making craft of wooden door, hardware quality also affects the service life of wooden door. Hinge is connected to the wooden door and door frame of hardware, good hinges have anticorrosive performance and good transmission, can ensure to receive strength evenly in hinges, does not damage caused by door of self-respect. < / p > < p > in addition, now the wooden door that sells on the market, the price is not including the cost of the lacquer on, and the door leaf and door frame separates valuation, frame are made of materials with the door leaf is not the same. Consumers to buy the wooden door, must also demand on paint, or buy the paint. Because for the polyester lacquer has moistureproof function of wooden door, so only choose good paint can prevent the wooden door deformation because of be affected with damp be affected with damp. < / p > < p > 2, function < / p > < p > at present, the design of wooden door is wide variations on the market, the combination of wood and glass, wrought iron, the wooden door with more elegant, beautiful appearance, also let consumers in selecting the door have more options of different function and collocation method. < / p > < p > usually, gate outside the consider its anti-theft security factors, can choose beautiful, strong, has the sense of door of completely real wood; < / p > < p > bedroom door is the most important is to think about privacy and create a warm atmosphere, thus more USES the weak and strong sex of pervious to light door type, such as with frosted glass, make a square format, the graceful wooden door; Study door should choose good sound insulation effect, good pervious to light, the design feels stronger door type, such as with the oracle bones were ground glass, or antique window edge design of wooden door, can produce the of primitive simplicity and elegant elegant charm; < / p > < p > the kitchen should choose waterproof, sealing good door type, in order to effectively block of cooking soot, such as with sandblast motifs, or half of pervious to light glass doors; < / p > < p > the bathroom door mainly pay attention to privacy and waterproof and other factors, in addition to choose material unique door of completely real wood, can choose to design fashionable handle full frosted half a glass door. 3, tie-in < / p > < p > walnut give people feel valued and dark brown and light brown cherry, let a person feel warm and comfortable. Wooden door for selecting tree species, and present a variety of wood texture and color. Therefore, choose the wood door is consistent with the bedroom adornment style, will make the bedroom graces many. < / p > < p > according to professional designer's advice, first of all, the color of wooden door in accordance to the bedroom. When the mass-tone attune of light color fastens, inside the bedroom should choose cool color such as white oak, birch, mix oil in the department of wood; When the inside the mass-tone attune of the bedroom is brunet department, you should choose such as teak, Sally Billy, walnut wood door of warm color department. The choice of wood colour also should pay attention to the colour of the furniture and floor, contrast with the colour of metope, it helps build the atmosphere that gives a dimensional administrative levels. < / p > < p > second, the modelling of wooden door is consistent with the bedroom adornment style. General household adornment style is mainly divided into European style, Chinese style, contracted, classic style, such as indoor decoration design is based on curve elements for the mainstream, the design of wooden door also should match with curvilinear form as the ideal mode, and vice versa. In addition, the choice of the wooden wooden door should also be consistent with indoor wooden furniture, as far as possible in order to achieve the best bedroom decoration effect. < / p > < / p >
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