cladding shock: product which could replace material in unsafe tower blocks after grenfell disaster \'fails fire test\' itself

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
For another type of test failure, the failed coating may be scrapped.
The UK distributor of Valcan Vitracore G2 says it has passed the required tests and is safe to use.
The housing department said that the results after the package will look \"tight\"
On the insulation of mineral wool
Tested in Dubai
The building rules in the UK would take it for granted that this material is safe if it is not tested, because it is made up of \"limited combustion\" parts in terms of safety grade.
The BBC reported that the rating was assigned according to the laboratory assessment, which would allow the use of this coating without a complete system test in the UK.
Designs with lower safety levels need to be tested before they are used in the UK, but the regulations assume that \"limited combustion\" components pass \"bs-8414\' test. The BS-
8414 includes fixing the coating on the wall and igniting a fire under it to test the combustion.
It was designed to simulate the rolling fire on the windows and which cladding was safe after being used in 2017 to present the Grenfell fire in Kensington, west London.
Exova engineers testing the product found that the temperature inside the product exceeded the limit required to pass the safety test.
Sadrian Buckmaster of teraclad cladding said that buildings that need to be replaced for existing cladding due to test failure are using Vitracore G2.
This means that the package layer of BS 8414 failure may have been replaced by a product that failed the same test.
The honeycomb structure of Vitracore g2 is similar to corrugated cardboard-
But it is made of aluminum.
Its panel has no solid core, no combustible core, unlike the core used on the Grenfell Tower.
It\'s much safer than products with plastic cores like Grenfell, but the industry is concerned about how secure the honeycomb is
The style package layer is.
The thin aluminum of Vitracore g2 melts rapidly in the fire, limiting its ability to protect other components.
The glue that binds the product together is very flammable, but is allowed to be used due to very little.
The dealer said Vitracore G2 passed BS-
8414 test before.
The company said its \"limited combustion capacity\" rating meant that in some cases the coating could be used without testing.
In a statement to News Night, they said: \"On November 2017, Exova Warringtonfire tested the vitracore G2.
The panel does not spread the flame and the temperature results are safely below the requirements.
\"Tests on the Vitracore G2 show that the panel does not cause the fire to spread to the outside or inside of the heightrise building.
The project also showed two other tests where the limited-burning cladding system failed in fire testing in Australia and the UK.
Some in the government want to ban all combustible parts in the cladding.
However, if it is still possible to create an unsafe cladding system without using any combustible material, this may not work.
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